Author Interview: Mary Dalgleish

How long have you been writing for?

12 years

What would you say is the most difficult part of writing a book?

Starting it and finishing it!

What genre do you generally write?

Non-Fiction (health and wellbeing related)

Do you have a favourite author and why?

Victoria Hislop – I never enjoyed history at school but I loved reading Victoria’s novels based on historical facts as the personal stories really brought history to life for me.

What is your book called and how did you choose this title?

Two books so far: “Ear Candling – the Essential Guide” and “Indian Head Massage – the Essential Guide” I chose these titles with my co-author Lesley Hart as we had been teaching courses on these topics to therapists for several years and had done lots of research for our course materials – so we both felt that we had all the essential information needed to write books on these topics.


Ear Candling The Essential GuideEAR CANDLING – THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE: This book provides therapists, students and the public with an interesting and accessible introduction to ear candling. This book which was previously published as ‘Ear Candling in Essence’ has now been completely revised and updated. Ear candling has been used for millennia and this fascinating book covers the history of ear candling from its use by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and other world cultures. It provides advice on important ear candle safety features and explains how ear candles work. It also includes comprehensive information on the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the ears, nose, throat and sinuses as well as the benefits of ear candling and contraindications to treatment. It goes on to concentrate on practical application with step by step instructions on treatment and massage techniques. Information on ear candling courses and advice for therapists is provided, along with a list of relevant websites, further reading and a very useful glossary of terms.

Written in an accessible style with colour photos and illustrations, numerous frequently asked questions and case studies, this book is the perfect introduction for therapy students, professional therapists topping up their skills or anyone wanting to learn more about the history and practice of ear candling. The authors are practising complementary therapists and experienced tutors and teach a range of complementary therapy courses in the UK and abroad.. They trained in Indian head massage with the late Narendra Mehta (MBE) who introduced Indian head massage as a complementary therapy to the UK in 1981. “This book really reflects what I knew already: that Mary & Lesley’s dedication to treating and training others would shine through every page.”(Narendra Mehta MBE)

Has your book been published and how did you go about this?

Yes – first both books were published by Hodder Arnold but when they went out of print we self-published them via Create Space (now with KDP). I discovered Jo Harrison on Twitter and she was a great help in guiding me through the process of self publishing – to be honest, I couldn’t have done it without her!

Approximately how long did it take you to finish your book?

Approximately one and a half years.

What advice would you give aspiring authors?

If you have an idea, just go for it and try to mark some time out in your dairy at least once a week to write (especially of you have a busy job like me!). Get help from experts e.g. formatting, cover design. Don’t give up – finish that book!

Do you use social media to promote your book? If yes, then which social networks do you like the most?

Not much – I feel we could probably do more but luckily our books seem to sell well and so far we have had royalties every month since publication.

What other ways do you market your book/s?

Personal website, teaching courses.

Have you enrolled your book onto Amazon’s KDP Select and how have you found it?

Yes – but not yet sure if it is beneficial or not.

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Nothing -:)

What books do you like to read in your spare time?

Historical fiction and non-fiction books on topics related to health and wellbeing.

What do you feel is the most important stage of writing a book?

Planning, getting started, editing and finishing!

How did you go about designing the cover for your book?

My niece who is graphic designer helped with this.

Are you writing or considering writing a follow-up to your book?

Yes – and in the meantime I regularly write articles for health and wellbeing magazines.

Do you have a day job (if so, what do you do?) or do you write full-time?

I have a very busy day job as a complementary therapist and trainer – to be able to write full time would be a luxury for me!

Anything else you’d like to include?

Thank you -:)

Check out Mary’s book Ear Candling: The Essential Guide