A Place to Call Home?

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Author: Annie Davison
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In 1995, after years on her own bizarre and rocky road to spiritual consciousness - as told in her book ‘A Spot to Stand’ - Annie Davison felt she was ready to teach everything she knew.  Accepting that she was a clear channel, open to the dimensional layers that she is now happy to call The Masters of Wisdom, she has supported numerous clients and workshop participants over the years. Her work has helped to open the door to understanding the vast reaches of human experience, which leads to a kinder, more equal and universal view of humanity. 

‘A Place to Call Home?’ is a continuing personal and collective story of consciousness: a story that shows how we are all part of a momentous time of change; with the potential to be extraordinary in an extraordinary world. “This is fantastic. I wish it was on the news! So that people can understand”