Accept Connect Heal: A Vision of Hope for Our World

Formatted for eBook and Print

Author: John C. Davis (Author), Gina Nolt (Illustrator)
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John C. Davis invites us to rediscover the beauty of being human.  Accept Connect Heal will leave you feeling grateful to be alive.  Every page offers a unique perspective on why there is still hope for the human race.  It provides the opportunity to reflect on how we celebrate ourselves and other people.  When we accept each other, we will connect with each other.  And when we connect with each other, we will heal each other.

Accept Connect Heal is a collection of short essays that celebrate the uniqueness of us all.  An effective tool for discussion groups, Accept Connect Heal can also be used by teachers in their classrooms where diversity and respect for others is a top priority.  It is age-appropriate for students at every grade level as well as adults.  It can be opened to any page and used as a daily meditation.  Accept Connect Heal brings hope and healing to all of us who hold the vision of a beautiful future for our planet.