Alexander and the Alien

Alexander and the Alien

Formatted for eBook.

Author: Madred Black


It was just before lunchtime on the sunniest of sunny summer days that an alien knocked on Alexander Smile's front door. He said his name was Mr. Thompson and he was terribly sorry but he'd crash-landed in Alexander's garden during the night and had to make a few repairs to his ship before he could take-off.

Almost reluctantly, and certainly not intentionally, Alexander finds himself drawn into a hunt for the most famous horde of treasure ever to have been lost out among the stars. Along the way he learns of the Big Pig in the Sky, and of the terribly sad tale of the Lost Walumba, to say nothing of the terrors of the Skroffle, the Muzzlewhucker and the Splonk. Together with a Bogwoggler and a terribly polite Zombie, Alexander and the Alien discover that the most valuable treasure is that which can't even be seen