Believe In You. Believe In Your Story

Believe in You. Believe in Your Story.

Formatted for eBook.

Author: Sue Maggott


This is a book about finding who you are, and the journey from hiding to shining. It is a book that helps both the author and those reading it to find hope for their journey. As you read the book and reflect on Sue’s quest to find herself, compare it to your own and take whatever lessons from it that you feel you need to. Because if you do that, you will be a stronger person who can use the lessons in this book to Believe!

Sue shares her experiences after voluntarily retiring from work. She is fascinated by the innovation and creativity she finds in the entrepreneurial world of coaching, training and consulting. Revelling in her new-found freedom and the financial benefit of her severance funds, she also seeks out spiritual experiences and healing. With wit and insight she takes an honest look at her journey of exploration. She reveals how she discovered the creative power of poetry, and how she uses this in a creative way to illustrate her experiences, to deal with repressed emotions and to find a positive way forward.

This book is an excellent companion to "Believe! The Gift of Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurs", ably demonstrating the power of personal stories to inspire others embarking on their own path of discovery.