Believing in Never

Believing in Never

Formatted for eBook

Author: Katherine Turner (Author), Kayli Baker (Editor)
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Ever since the fateful night Drew snuck out of his parents’ house and found a tearful Tasha hiding outside her bedroom window, they’ve been the best of friends. Their bond strengthened throughout their childhood, forged by their mutual struggles with abusive families, and they swore to be in each other’s lives forever. Life, however, had different plans for them, and following college graduation, their careers and shifting priorities pulled them miles apart.

But when Drew is nominated for a professional distinction that will be awarded in the city where Tasha now lives and decides to stay for a week, he and Tasha reunite without knowing this trip will change the course of their lives and challenge the connection they were once so certain of. The trip brings to light Drew’s years-old feelings for Tasha, but while he’s ready to see where a new kind of love could take them, Tasha pulls away from him, plagued by the unhealed wounds of her childhood.

When she hits rock bottom, Tasha finally acknowledges the harmful patterns she’s been perpetuating in her own life in a bid to outrun her past. No longer able to run from Drew’s feelings for her—or hers for him—she must summon the courage to heal... or risk losing Drew forever.