Colonial Scout

Colonial Scout by Doug Turnbull

Formatted for eBook.

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Set in the early 2070’s, this story gives the reader a taste of what life might be like for young Mars colonists sixty years from now. Having been born and raised on Mars, things such as having to wear pressure suits to go outdoors, night-time temperatures over a hundred degrees below zero, travelling in a pressurized Mars rover, and living on a planet with two moons, are normal for these young people: that’s just what their life is. What we would view as extraordinary is their ordinary. 

During the course of dealing with a medical crisis, Augie utilizes some first aid equipment that doesn’t exist today, but most certainly will by the time of this story. An anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drug that can be taken orally, but only affects the injured area and a splint that can be applied like shrink wrap that turns ridged when a specific radiation is applied are two examples of such developments.

Be prepared to enjoy an adventure with some Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who are smart, capable, responsible and refreshingly free of pathology.