Divorced To Dating Disasters

Divorced to Dating Disasters

Formatted for eBook and Paperback.

Author: Chelsea Black
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There are many different types of dating experiences. Some people find the one they are going to spend the rest of their lives with and live happily ever after. And some…take the long way ‘round. 

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of dating after divorce. There is dating, there is dating well and there is dating badly. Chelsea Black is an expert at finding bad dates. It’s a gift.This books takes you on her dating journey from divorced to desperately trying to escape some of them. 

Chelsea Black has been thrown out of the suburbs where single women are not allowed to live and thrown back into the dating world. But it has all changed since the last time she had to smile at a guy in a supermarket. A decade later and there is the internet, mobile phones and the constant threats of cocktails to thwart her plans for finding her FuHu (Future Husband). But try she does as she asks herself what does one have to do to be Dating Ready? Apparently more than one bargained for. 

The book takes you through all types of dating from online dating to sex dating (yes this does exist) to sex clubs and the many men who seem to forget that they have a wife at home. But through it all she manages to pick herself up and start again because there’s no such thing as a date that can get you down, right? Not when you’re youngish and fabulous. 

Read the book and learn all of the things you need to avoid as you date. 

“I love the book; it's actually hilarious. I was almost in tears with your Tupac story and your porn at university story”. BG, New York 

This book is a sexy and funny personal journey based on the blog The misadventures of Chelsea Black which can be found at www.chelsea-black.com. Be sure to stop by and leave your comments on the book page.