Dying to Declutter: A twist on decluttering

Formatted for Print and eBook

Author: Tracy Hammond and Rebecca Crayford
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Have you heard of living and dying neatly? Curious?

When we lose a loved one, we are not only faced with emotional upheaval, but also the complexities and legalities of death.

Think about yourself for one moment… Are your affairs in order? Is your paperwork in one place? Could your loved ones find what they need when you die?

Rebecca and Tracy, with some light-hearted humour, can alleviate this potential stress for you and your loved ones, by taking you through a simple journey that will help declutter and organise your paperwork. In an easy-to-read format, each chapter covers the main areas of our lives and includes reminders for key actions as well as pages left blank for your own personal tasks.

The result will be ‘living and dying neatly’.

And dying neatly will be the ultimate gift you leave your loved ones when you die.