Florence Nightingale X Marked Absent

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Author: Jonty Morgan
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What would life be like if Florence Nightingale had been marked absent from history?

We would all be living twenty fewer years, for a start. This would mean Howard Carter would die in 1919 meaning that he wouldn't be around in 1922 to discover Tutankhamun so would resort to increasingly desperate measures to locate King Tut at least three years early.

Neville Chamberlain would need to be declaring 'Peace in our time' before 1920 as opposed to 1938.

The world would be devoid of soap operas and The Nightingale Pledge would be just another furniture polish.

Florence Nightingale Marked Absent also explores other routes the greatest pioneer of modern nursing would've taken had she been derailed from the one she is famous for. Had she done the exact opposite she would've been responsible for the introduction of 'Fast Food' and 'Couch Potatoes' to the nineteenth century, but not as we associate those terms today.
The option of her doing something similar is also examined in the form of her becoming a wheel clamper, so that she becomes known as 'The Lady with the Clamp' and she becomes famous in the Crimean War, not for her effective nursing, but for putting the brakes on 'The Charge of the Light Brigade'.

These, and many more, outcomes are investigated in humorous and entertaining style as the conclusion is reached that holograms of Peter Brough with Archie Andrews, Harry Houdini and Donald Campbell are needed to be sent back to 1844 to ensure that Florence Nightingale isn't marked absent from history.

What They're Saying About The Marked Absent Series:
☆'Absolutely Riveting.' Gustave Eiffel.
☆'Highly Readable.' Sir Edmund Hillary.
☆'The best I've read this year.' Mark Twain January 1st, 1886.
☆'I couldn't tear myself away from it....That's the last time I chain myself to railings near a bookshop.' Emmeline Pankhurst.
☆'A real page burner.' Joan of Arc.
☆'I couldn't put it down.' Neil Armstrong aboard Apollo 11 in 1969.
☆'This series transcends many boundaries. I haven't removed it from my travel bag yet.' Alexander The Great.
☆'I couldn't start reading it.' Arnold Dyslexia, 1844.
☆'These books went down well with everyone on board.' Captain Smith, RMS Titanic, 1912.
☆'I've recommended this series to all of my friends....Ah, here come four of them now.' Thomas Beckett.
☆'The author has a gift for comic writing. I've been tasked with finding where he's hidden it.' Sherlock Holmes.
☆'These books cannot be beaten. They prop up my driver's seat nicely.' Juan Manguel Fangio.
☆'So engrossing that I had to put the iron curtaining on hold.' Joseph Stalin.

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