A Changing Skyline


In her previous book ‘Meanwhile I keep Dancing’ (available on Action Deafness Books) Tamsin told the story of her family, the struggles and emotions they faced following the diagnosis that both of her sons were profoundly deaf. Now she takes up the story once more to share their journey as the boys grow, reaching towards teenage years and independence. Since making key decisions around intervention for her children when they were pre-schoolers, the family have now faced consequences from these choices and deliberated over new decisions along the way. As Cameron and Campbell have made transitions in education and begun to grow into their own identity as deaf young people Tamsin reflects on the differences in how their hearing loss, and associated symptoms affect them differently physically, socially and emotionally now at this stage in their lives in comparison to when they were younger.

A Changing Skyline describes the new challenges the author and her sons have faced as they have embarked upon their journey into what is for their family uncharted territory as the image of her sons growing into independent adults who need to take over the responsibility of decisions within their life comes more sharply into focus for Tamsin. This is a narrative which will resonate with many parents whose children have changed before their eyes into young people – forming their own identity and planning for their future.

More specifically this book and the stories shared within it hold examples which many parents of deaf children, or who have children with other special needs, will identify with as they seek a way to learn to step back from holding all the control for the intervention and choices in their children’s lives – a task which is made harder by the level of care and vigilance which has been needed up to this point in their lives – and learn to let go.


Consequences by Emeka Egbuonu


Concern about gang culture is on the rise. Gangs lead young people into danger and lead to community division, fear and deep distrust.

However the friendship and support the security and sense of belonging they give young people is a powerful draw.

Through his Consequences Programme Emeka Egbuonu aims to give young people a real sense of the consequences of their actions.

Taking a group of young people from London to Los Angeles he looks at how life in gangs has ruined lives in the 'gang capital of the world'. Emeka examines the pain of families who have lost young people to knife crime on the streets of London and tries to identify what drives young people into the viscous cycle of gang culture.

Starting from the slave trade, Emeka's insightful look at the breakdown of the family unit, peer pressure, stereotyping and racism is an uncompromising message to us all.

With interviews and powerful accounts of knife crime on both sides of the Atlantic, this book pulls no punches.

First Rhyme Mom: A poetic journey through pregnancy and early motherhood


HUMOROUS, HONEST, HEARTFELT: A poetic journey through pregnancy and the first six months of motherhood. This poetry collection is inspired by my own journey into motherhood, detailing the trials, tribulations, transcendence and triumphs I have experienced so far.

This collection of forty poems covers topics such as announcing a pregnancy, giving birth, the lack of sleep, the highest and lowest emotions felt, the mommy social world, weaning, the funny bits, having 'me time', as well as a whole host of other things pregnancy and early motherhood thrust upon us!

Written in a thought-provoking, original and relatable way, this collection is the perfect partner and keepsake for every parent and those soon to be.

This is the first book in the 'First Rhyme Mom' series.

Letters from Stalag VIII B


In March 2011 my father Arthur Charles Evans CBE, author of Sojourn in Silesia, reached the end of his long and successful life just short of his 95th birthday. Here in France I was left with copies of his letters written from Stalag VIIIb during his 5 years as a POW. I wanted to do something constructive with his letters and in July that year, as part of my bereavement journey, I began compiling a blog as if written by Arthur.

The blog took about 2 years to complete and was a really helpful bereavement tool for me. Now it is complete, I've decided to publish the blog, along with some photos of Arthur and some additional writing about my thoughts and feelings during blogging. I hope it will become a companion book to Sojourn in Silesia, the book he wrote about his experience back in the 80's, although it is also a stand alone account of his time behind barbed wire.

Sojourn in Silesia

Sojourn in Silesia by Arthur Evans CBE


Arthur Evans CBE served in the Irish Guards during WWII, but was captured the first day he arrived in France and spent the rest of the war as a prisoner, working in coal mines in Silesia.

Arthur Charles Evans was born in 1916 in the Wirral, Cheshire, England. The first years of his employment were at Lever Bros, soapworks at Port Sunlight, and then with the New Zealand Shipping Company. One voyage to Australia and then another to New Zealand convinced him he was not meant to be a sailor. To further his ambition to become a policeman, he enlisted in the Irish Guards in 1936. In May 1940, he was wounded and taken prisoner in Boulogne and spent the remainder of the war in prison camps in Upper Silesia. He returned to England in May 1945 and upon demobilisation, joined the Kent County Constabulary. Whilst still a Police Constable, and from 1956-1967 he was the General Secretary of the Police Federation for England and Wales, and it was in this capacity that he was appointed C.B.E. He was married to his wife Freda for 62 years, and they have 3 daughters. He retired aged 65, and spent much of his time gardening, bowling and cooking in his Kent home, and in later years caring for Freda. In March 2010, both Arthur and Freda moved into a local nursing home and where sadly Arthur passed away 3 days short of his 95th birthday. Freda remains in the good care of the nursing home.

Profit from the sale of this book will be donated to The British Red Cross at the expressed wish of Arthur in the days before he died. He never forgot their role in his survival during his imprisonment.

Visit Lamsdorf Remembered for further information.

With and Without Sam

With and Without Sam


A Ditty Full of Old Muck (text from 1st act of Happy Days by Samuel Beckett) was started as an isolated piece written in 1989 called ‘A buried lady called Winnie, Sam and me’ as a preparation to direct Happy Days…

Beckett was still alive.

When he died in December of that year Bettina, in her own words, “aborted the project and slowly over a long period of time – ten years to be exact – wrote different pieces (all dated). Each stands on its own, some kind of a linked narrative was never intended… nor publication considered at the time …”

Please read this book in a landscape mode – text’s layout is very specific and this way you will be able to enjoy the narrative best.

Drawing for the book cover was created by Charlotte Johnson Wahl and is based on Winnie from Beckett’s Happy Days.

Me, Too: Voicing My Story (Too Much Book 1)


Since 2006, the MeToo Movement has been rocking society, shedding light on the pervasive and growing darkness of hidden sexual abuse and assault. Olivia, like many when they discovered it, found herself an avid supporter of both the movement and the women who were coming forward with their stories. And like many, she still struggled to use those same words for the experiences of her own life, setting aside her memories and instead focusing on those of others.

As an editor of writing focused on abuse survival, Olivia suddenly began softly thinking those words to herself as she worked on others’ manuscripts, until one day she knew it was time to tell her own story of abuse and assault and what life’s really like on the other side.

This is her story.

How to Successfully Market Your eBook


Want to know how to get your self-published eBook in front of people who might be interested in purchasing it? 

This extensive eBook has been created using my extremely popular, four-part eBook Marketing Mini-eCourse for Authors. And while that might not be the easiest thing to say, the advice you’ll find within is guaranteed to be easy to follow and help bring you those all-important sales.

This eBook will show you how to:

- Keep energising and promoting your work
- Achieve eBook marketing success
- Become a successful self-published author

As a special bonus, you’ll also get a number of marketing tips from previous authors I’ve worked with, which will provide some extra food for thought…

The 06.35 To London: There is no such thing as an ordinary life

The 06.35 to London


There is familiar in the unknown when you commute every day; the same carriage, the same people maybe even the same seat. We spend hours with our fellow travellers, we form close yet superficial relationships with them, we know their habits, their scents and smells, how they fold their newspaper, if they snore when they sleep. But we know nothing of what lies beneath the surface of their lives or the consequences of becoming entangled with them. There is no such thing as an ordinary life.

This is the first book in a series of short stories of Lives on a Train observing different times, people and locations.

Adventures of a Metalhead Librarian


In this heartfelt debut memoir, Anna-Marie O’Brien shares a poignant coming-of-age story about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll and what it took for her to survive in the big city. 

"Anna-Marie is a true-lifer metalhead. She was around at a critical time for the music, and tells a fascinating story of those times. Take a ride with her in this great book!" -- Brian Slagel, founder and CEO, Metal Blade Records.

In 1990, Anna-Marie left her disappointing Midwestern childhood behind and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to pursue her heavy metal dreams on the Sunset Strip. Bands like Mötley Crüe, Megadeth, and Guns N’ Roses were at the height of their popularity, and she landed right in the middle of the heavy-metal music scene. Welcomed by sunshine and possibilities, her California adventure began the very first day she arrived in magical Laurel Canyon. Soon, she was working in the music industry, and then for Metal Blade Records. Working with her favourite bands and witnessing music history was a dream come true. But - things were not all as they seemed. Grunge music had arrived from Seattle, and it was taking over the metal scene. Los Angeles turned into a dark force, forcing her to make tough choices in order to survive.

This is a story of big magic, following your heart, and starting over. Anna-Marie is a real-life librarian, and a lifelong fan of heavy metal and rock music. This is Adventures of a Metalhead Librarian.

Read Anna-Marie's Author Interview now.