Add A Little Colour to Your Life

Add a Little Colour to Your Life


Have you ever wondered why some colours fill you with joy and inspiration and yet others just leave you cold and flat? Did you know that yellow speeds up decision making and green gives the feeling of slowing down time?

Add a Little Colour to Your Life reveals the hidden power of colour, this great little book gives you an introduction to and insight into the silent yet powerful language of colour, including décor, clothing, healing, and how to find your own personal life path colour. A little book that goes a long way.

Freedom from Bosses Forever

Freedom from Bosses Forever


Freedom from Bosses Forever is classic comedy, biting satire and a really practical, useful guide to being your own boss. This is an updated, new e-book exclusive version of the popular book 'Stripping for Freedom . See the reader reviews: 'snorting with laughter' is not unusual but all agree the Be Your Own Boss advice is spot on.

Successful global entrepreneur and CEO of cloud software and apps multinational WinWeb, Stefan Topfer, has called it 'The funniest hard-hitting business book, that is absolutely full of business truth'

Most successful business owners, entrepreneurs, even sports stars and top entertainers, have been willing to strip their lifestyle down to the bare essentials so that they can control their own destiny, gain their freedom from bosses, by earning a living working for themselves.

Freedom from Bosses Forever shows you how to gain the bare enterprise-ready essentials in order to successfully start your own small or home business (and escape the rat race).

As well as a useful guide to starting your own business this is also a very funny book. It has received excellent reviews for both editions in paperback and this new e-book improves it again.

The e-book format makes it easy to read and clickable links take you to the author's favourite, free websites that provide further help for all those thinking about, preparing for and starting their own business.

The humorous narrative is based on the book's mythical author, Canadian fashionista, Leonora Soculitherz (So-cool-it-hurts - geddit?) returning to the UK to conduct a piece of investigative journalism. As well as finding out what it takes to prepare for and start your own business, Soculitherz also has in her sights the UK's fat cats, corporate clowns and insane politicians. Conspiracy theories abound.

Along the way Soculitherz provides absolute business truths which anyone interested in being more enterprising will value. There is even a highly useful and fully updated list of free websites provided that will give you all the additional know how to start your own business. It s a cracking read even if you don t want to escape the rat race and be free of bosses forever. Many people, now seen smiling knowingly, have bought and read the book just for its humour and satire. Join the cult of Soculitherz! Now is the time to consider being free from bosses forever.


I've discovered a rare treat. A business book that's valuable and very funny too. When is the last time you read a business book that made you laugh out loud? Every month there seems to be scores of new books about different aspects of business. Very few focus on the special issues relating to running a business from home. And very, very few have ever made me laugh. This is an exception to the rule. Dave Sumner-Smith is the former Programme Director of Home Business Network and The telegraph Business Club.

Can I sue for emotional stress? OK Tony I am most displeased with you - you shouldn't have written such a funny book. Picture the scene - we are taking a family break down in Brighton and I have found a good deal at The Grand Hotel (swanky or what) One afternoon it is raining so I decide to have tea and a nice read in the lounge. I stupidly took 'Stripping for Freedom' (the forerunner of Freedom from Bosses Forever) with me and firstly had raised eyebrows from the waiter. Secondly and worst - I started laughing aloud so hard that it came out as a snort - v. embarrassing - other guests lowered their copies of the Telegraph and Wisden to look disapprovingly at me! Seriously it is so funny Tony.' Eva Davies, Owner of The Electric Zone.

Laughing out loud. I'm really enjoying reading this. Indeed my snort of laughter woke up a few sleeping travellers on a Brighton to Victoria train when I read the part about looking good being simply a matter of how well you tuck in your bits! Julie Stanford owns/designed 'The Essential Business Guide'

How to get a job in PR


A career in the PR and corporate communications industry is an increasingly desirable choice for many, and competition for every job is fierce. If the sector appeals to you, then you need to stay one step ahead of your peers. How are you going to get that all-important foot in the door? Will you find it easier to find a job if you have a degree in PR? What practical skills will you need to progress?

This comprehensive guide to finding and keeping the job you want will answer these questions and much, much more; packed with invaluable information and insider observations, it includes:

• A thorough overview of different PR sectors and disciplines
• An excellent step-by-step guide to creating an effective PR CV
• Helpful job application tips
• Indispensable advice on how best to represent yourself in an interview
• Top advice from leading industry figures
• A recommended reading list and directory of useful contacts

How To Get A Job In PR is the essential communications industry primer, which no aspiring PR should do without.

10% of this book’s royalties will be donated to the Taylor Bennett Foundation

“There has never been a more exciting time to work in public relations. This book is a must read guide to finding your first job. Sarah has helped countless people start out and develop their careers and now wants to help you.”
Stephen Waddington, European Digital & Social Media Director at Ketchum & CIPR President 2014

“PR is on the up. While other industries shrank during the recession, PR grew, and grew strongly. Competition for that entry-level job is accordingly fierce -so if you want to break into PR, immerse yourself in this book. It’s an investment you’ll never regret.”
Francis Ingham, Director General, PRCA

Nailed To The Cross

Nailed To The Cross


What impact could the growth of a small local church in the heart of the nail making district of Sidemoor, Bromsgrove hope to have? The Ebenezer Methodist Chapel was called to serve the nailmakers, “The White Slaves of England.” It became the focal point of the small community. The church provided education, social support and above all hope.

A chance discovery of a glass jar buried deep under the pulpit started the investigation. It contained architects original drawings, a leader’s personal Bible, and mortgage and conveyance deeds going back to 1833. More importantly, it revealed the amazing story of men of vision who served the community. “Nailed To The Cross is that story.

A detailed study and well referenced analysis of the social history and impact of the Ebenezer Methodist Church in Sidemoor, Bromsgrove. This book would interest students of the History of Religion and anyone interested in the history of Bromsgrove and Nail Making.

The Humorous History of English Football. Vol.1


A humorous history of English football from its invention as a festival activity in the streets of England until the moment in the 1950 World Cup when the nation that created the game lost their dominance of it.

List of Chapters:
Shrovetide Football
Public Schools Football
The First Football Clubs
The Formation of the FA
Charles Alcock: Father of the FA Cup
The First International Match
Preston North End: The Invisibles
Football Innovations
The FA Cup Stolen!
The Maximum WAG
Alf Common: The First £1,000 Trancer
Cigarette Cards
Th Howarth Affair
The White Horse Final
Back to Square One
Herbert Chapman: Football’s Greatest Innovator
England Are Out of This World
Ronnie Dix: Boy Wonder
Coloured Sports Newspapers
1950: Below Horizontal


FA Rules 1863:
1. Hacking is forbidden. Indeed, any attempt to gain information about future opponents will be frownd upon.
5. A player will be banned for life if he is caught throwing a match, especially if it is thrown at FA Headquarters, having first doused the building in oil.
13. Players must not use deodorants or perfumes in the players’ tunnel otherwise it could become confused with the Chanel Tunnel.
(From The Formation of the FA)

Instead of playing on a green surface, a giant flag of the host country shall be painted over the entire pitch (this idea was dropped when it was realised that all Isle of Man home matches would have to be played over three legs).
(From The First International Match)

Preston became the first Football League Champions. They negotiated all 22 league matches without defeat (from the observations of their fans they seemed to negotiate them without dehands, dearms, delegs and deheads too).
(From Preston North End: The Invisibles)

It was agreed to engage the services of The Archbishop of Canterbury to bless the grass as then the Wembley pitch would be considered hallowed turf. However, they needed to ensure that his Holiness was not standing in an offside position otherwise it would become dis-hallowed turf.
(From The White Horse Final)

‘Funnier than an England World Cup campaign…and that takes some doing!’

Nut and Gut


A damning account of racism, homophobia, sexism, misconduct and corruption in the UK police.

Affirmations for Mothers

Affirmations for Mothers


With the joy of motherhood can also come the heady mix of sleep deprivation, roller-coaster hormones and well-meant opinion which can leave a new mother struggling to cope. 

This easy to access ebook, Affirmations for Mothers is an instant refreshing answer for overwhelmed and stressed mothers. 

Designed not to bombard with more advice but intended as encouragement for mothers to look within and draw strength from instinct and intuition. 

Affirmations for Mothers uses positive phrasing as a proven method to increase confidence, improve mood and change outlook.

Get Out of Debt Hell


“How could I have been so stupid?” That was Jen Pattison’s overwhelming thought when reflecting on too many years of living on the edge with overspending and juggling credit payments.

It all collapsed when an unexpected crisis happened in her life. This is a familiar story for many people, and she will help to guide you out of the debt problems that have blighted your life with practical solutions and ways to save money. She will help you to think more deeply about what led you into overspending, by casting a critical eye on the insecurities in modern British life and the subtle and insidious forces that seduce customers into spending on things that they don’t need - aspects that are common in other countries too.

This is a call to everyone struggling with debt to break free of this hell – becoming debt-free will liberate you, improve your life and you will never look back. No matter how much you owe, you can do it!

How Tom Holland Eclipsed his Dad

how tom holland Eclipsed his dad


The story of how a kid dances his way from London’s West End to Hollywood and overtakes his ‘celebrity’ dad on his way.

Dominic Holland is this ‘celebrity’ dad – a professional stand-up comedian and author. He has appeared on television many times including The Royal Variety Show and Have I Got News For You. He has had his own award winning BBC Radio Four series, The Small World of Dominic Holland. A published author, journalist and writer for other famous comedians…

So no slouch himself then.

But his eldest son, Tom, played Billy in BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL in London’s West End and then was cast in the leading role of Lucas in the film, THE IMPOSSIBLE, now on general release in cinemas worldwide.

As well as stand-up comedy, fortunately for this story, Dominic Holland has also taken a crack at Hollywood with his writing and compared to his son, with very contrasting results.

Tom flies back and forth to LA to accept and give out awards while his dad still treads the boards and in smaller and less salubrious venues that most egos could bear.

“How tom holland eclipsed his dad” is an extraordinary true story and a complete fluke. Without a drama lesson in site, let alone a stage school, how a young boy gets himself long listed for an Academy Award and gets to meet and mix with Hollywood’s glitterati is an interesting tale on its own – but the story is hilarious when set against the endeavours of his dad.

Written with great affection by a dad who is much more proud than he is bemused, this book will appeal to any parent who wants their kid to prevail and to any kid who casually dreams of becoming a star themself.

 To find out more about Dominic Holland, visit his website –

Photo Diet: How To Diet Using Your Smartphone

Photo Diet: How To Diet Using Your Smartphone


Photo Diet is an incredible new approach to dieting for you and your smartphone.

Photo Diet is not an ordinary “one-size-fits-all” diet. It’s tailor made for you. You follow a simple plan that shows you how to get the results you want. You take photos of every meal so you can track your diet. It’s easy and convenient. And it can help you get in the best shape of your life.

Keeping a photo diary works for three reasons. It helps you identify foods that work best for you. It helps you discover your ideal portion size. And it helps you monitor the variety and quality of the foods you eat. This book shows you exactly how to do it.

You’ll find Photo Diet is less time-consuming than a weekly slimming club. You’ll eat more healthily than with “fad diets”. And Photo Diet is far easier than counting calories and adding up numbers. It fits your life and the smartphone in your pocket.

10 years of diet research went into creating Photo Diet. The 28-day plan inside this book adapts to your needs, whatever food type you are. A serial dieter, a fitness fanatic, a TV addict, a sports lover or someone who just wants to lose weight.

This groundbreaking new book is for anyone who wants to achieve their weight loss or fitness goal. The plan is presented in a way that is easy to understand and follow. One quick photo at mealtimes is all it takes.

Reading this book has many more benefits too. Here are just a few:

  • Achieve incredible weight loss results using your smartphone
  • Improve your diet just by taking a photo of each meal
  • Get in shape for a big event, such as your wedding, holiday or birthday
  • Discover the foods that are kindest to your body
  • Reach your goal faster with expert nutritional tips
  • Learn how to combine the 3 food groups in every meal – and why it’s so important
  • Identify the foods that are to blame for your body’s weight, shape and lack of energy
  • Put delicious variety in your diet, with easy-to-prepare meal and snack recipes
  • Keep your plan on track with helpful checklists (special checklists for gym-goers included)
  • Get the knowledge and strength to make healthier food decisions
  • Keep your energy levels up – without using sugar-filled “energy drinks”
  • Beat after-meal problems like bloated stomach, gas, tiredness and hunger
  • And much, much more

P.S. If you don’t have a smartphone, using a digital camera or a tablet computer with a camera to take the photos would work just as well.

About the Author
The advent of the camera smartphone inspired personal trainer Anthony Chapman to offer his clients a new way to achieve their goals. Anthony’s 10 years of experience has given him unique insight into why people struggle to change their body shape: the weak link is always diet. After conducting in-depth research, Anthony developed the revolutionary Photo Diet plan. With Photo Diet, dieters keep a food photo diary which helps them modify their eating and reach their targets.

Anthony’s passion is helping all kinds of people achieve fitness and weight loss goals in a healthier, more effective way. He also owns a personal training gym in the UK, which featured in a TV documentary on bodybuilding champion Jodie Marsh.