Light on the Path


This book is a practical guidance for achieving Spiritual growth, helping you to overcome all negative, emotional vibrations and bad habits that you have stored in your subconscious mind. Cleansing and purifying your body, mind and spirit of all the errors of the past also bad karma, creating good karma.

Generation W: 100 women. 100 years since women began to receive the vote. 100% uncensored.


For hundreds of years modern society created an unequal society by laws which restricted women, half the population, to less than half the rights of a man. In 1918, after Suffragettes sacrificed their life for democracy, after World War One and women being brought into jobs they were previously banned from so they could balance the UK economy, the UK finally began to legalise a woman's right to democracy.  What followed was 100 years of pioneers, excelling and competing to gain respect in worlds that had never seen women before.

Generation W is a collection of 100 uncensored interviews with 100 unapologetic and leading British women from all generation who answer the same ten questions about what it was like to live through the 100 years since women began to receive the vote.  Reading within you will find inspiring stories and truths on how remarkable women have overcome their toughest moments and be able to discover what makes them truly happy, beyond the accolades and legacy. Generation W is one of the most intimate and inspiring books of the 21st century. Now that is on Ebook you can read it anywhere and any time. Perfect for when you need a reminder what you can achieve when you fight for what you want in life.

Dr Averil Mansfield - The first British female professor of surgery.
Sally Gunnell - The only female athlete to win Gold at Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth level.
Laura London - At 16 years old Laura was homeless, at 18 years old she was the youngest female magician to be inducted into the Magic Circle.
Alice Powell - on the centenary of women receiving the vote, Alice Powell became the first female racing driver to win a race in Saudi Arabia, in the same year it was finally made legal for women to drive in the country.
Stacey Copeland - growing up, boxing was illegal for women to compete in, in 2018 Stacey Copeland would become the first British woman to win a Commonwealth Title.

The great-granddaughter of legendary suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, HELEN PANKHURST
The first Black leader of a British political party MANDU REID
Former Vogue cover model, leading actress and environmentalist LILY COLE
Beyonce 'Freedom' and 'Runnin' songwriter CARLA-MARIE WILLIAMS
The first mainstream celebrated female of rock music SUZI QUATRO
Ten times European Gold Medallist Speed Skater ELISE CHRISTIE
PR legend and activist LYNNE FRANKS
Elusive grafitti artist BAMBI
Former Chair of British Library and principal at Newnham College, Cambridge University DAME CAROL BLACK

And many more.

This book is parental advised and features disturbing themes such as suicide attempts, drug usage, death, violence and more.

Your Business Foundation


Growing a successful business is hard and most fail within 3 to 5 years. They fail because their leaders don’t know where they want their business to be and don’t know how to get there. They hope that their businesses will be successful and that, with luck, nothing will go wrong. Any business or organisation based on hope and luck is built on a weak foundation.

Leaders of successful businesses and organisations are certain of their destination and how to get there and they have the control needed to stay on course. Their business is built on a strong foundation based on certainty and control, not hope and luck.

Christopher Briggs shows why certainty and control are the vital elements for success, whether a corporation, SME, micro business, charity, or college. Next he reveals the 3 fundamental building blocks that make up the strong foundation that all successful businesses have and which is missing in those that struggle and fail.

Based on his own 25 years experience (including a failed business), years of research and discussions with business leaders, Briggs has helped hundreds of business owners establish this foundation.

Now, in this jargon-free, practical book, Briggs shows how to establish this vital foundation based on these fundamental building blocks. He shows:

  • Why systemising your business is a key first step and how to do it so that you work on your business and not run around reacting to it.
  • How to create a winning strategy that gives you the certainty of knowing exactly where you are now, where you want to be and the route to take to get there.
  • The leadership qualities you need to stay on course and in control and how to bring out the leaders in your people.
  • The practical steps to making this work so that you successfully build this foundation and achieve your aims.

Briggs firmly believes that most businesses that struggle and fail don’t need to and that, with a strong foundation, based on these building blocks, any business or organisation can achieve its full potential.

Mirrors Strike Back: A Memoir


“Some people float—like the velvety filter of an Olan Mills photo—effortless, easy, gentle, delicate. I grind with the graininess of an old-timey Western photo—harsh, serious, rough, and troubled. I think I know why…”

After reuniting with her four-year-old self on the train tracks of her childhood, Rebekah remembers: something happened. Her sordid past nudges her until she dives headfirst into an uninvited flashback, which gives them all permission to surface.

Unveiling one memory with her therapist, Joel, he introduces her to a unique superpower. Rebekah pilots a series of trust-falls with said superpower while navigating cycles of abuse and indefatigable trauma. From a gaslighting fiancé to the bewildering cults she engages with on her travels, every person and each cycle are echoes of Rebekah’s inner turmoil.

While traversing a whirlwind of experiences, Rebekah can’t help but wonder: is she running away from or toward something? Will she ever learn to embrace the dark in order to see the light?

Undeniably raw and fiercely authentic, Mirrors Strike Back is an unpredictable journey through a maze of funhouse mirrors where Mallory repeatedly collides with reflections of her own soul via undeserved betrayal, cultish encounters, racy exchanges, a spectral twist of fate, loss, romantic love, familial love, and finally: unexpected self-love from a spirited heart gifted with superhuman strength.

The INFJ Writer


After years of coaching writers who struggled with procrastination issues, high sensitivity to criticism, and crippling self doubt, Lauren Sapala realized that almost every one of her clients was an INFJ or INFP. Using the insights gleaned from these clients, as well as her own personal story, Sapala shows us how the experience of the intuitive writer can be radically different from the norm.

INFJ writers don’t think like anyone else, and their highly creative brains take a toll on them that they rarely share with the outside world. The INFJ Writer discusses such topics as:

How an INFJ writer’s physical health is tied to their creative output
Why INFJ writers are more likely to fall prey to addictions
When an INFJ writer should use their natural psychic ability to do their best creative work

Whether looking to start writing again or to finish the novel/memoir they started so long ago, any writer with the self-awareness to identify themselves as highly sensitive and intuitive will benefit from this book that helps them to find their own magic, and to finally use it to build the creative life that actually works for them.

Down and Out in Padstow and London

Down and Out in Padstow and London by Alex Watts


A humorous account of what really happens behind the scenes of both Michelin-starred restaurants and lesser establishments - and the extraordinary, larger-than-life characters who inhabit them. 

The book begins with Lennie Nash's decision to give up his job as a journalist, aged 40, and a fateful meeting with Rick Stein, when the cheffing door is opened. There follow stints in the kitchens at Padstow, a failed audition for Masterchef, work as a commis chef under a crazed ex-football hooligan, 16-hour shifts as a kitchen slave in a gastropub, and the rigours of the Fat Duck. Unable to keep up with the younger chefs around him, he gives up the dream and returns to office life, only to find the itch starting again. 

The book is aimed at the umpteen armchair chefs and foodies who would love to learn the trade first-hand from the professionals, braving the stress, 16-hour days, and low pay of kitchen life, but are far too sensible to do so...

The INFJ Revolution: Reclaim Your Power, Live Your Purpose, Heal the World


The term “INFJ” might mean little to most people, but to anyone who identifies with this personality type these four letters represent self-discovery, self-acceptance, and a radical new understanding of what it means to be introverted, Highly Sensitive, and empathic. But although ever-growing numbers of INFJs are waking up to the power of our intuitive gifts, we continue to struggle mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in a culture that does not value intuition.

Lauren Sapala explores the roadblocks that are still holding many INFJs back and tackles the most important questions for INFJs today. How can we find our purpose? Where and why do we give away our power? And how can we use our unique gifts and innate passion in order to create a better world? Only by moving beyond limiting mindsets and beliefs can INFJs move forward to fulfill our purpose as the healers of the world, and then reclaim our power and step into the role of the leaders we were always meant to be.

London to Australia by Clipper 1886 – 87


This 130 year old Victorian diary, recently discovered in my attic, provides a fascinating daily insight into life on board a passenger carrying wooden clipper during an arduous 90 day sea journey from London to Sydney in 1886-87.

The author, John Ferguson, who was emigrating for health reasons gives a daily account of events and conditions endured during this three month journey.

The book includes details of encounters with fellow passengers, passing ships, and various sea and bird life observed during the voyage. As there no port of call the ship carried various live animals as a food source. Crossing the equatorial line was marked by an elaborate “Old Father Neptune” ceremony. Towards the end of the journey one passenger became manic and attacked the captain.

The book records the ensuing events!

SS: Hell on the Eastern Front – The Waffen SS War in Russia 1941 – 1945


The Eastern Front was the scene of the most decisive campaign of World War II. Hitler’s élite soldiers, the Waffen – SS, fought in the East from the beginning of the Russian campaign in 1941 to the fall of Berlin in May 1945, and the SS’s development and military professionalism is bound up with the war in the Soviet Union. As the war in Russia progressed, the formations of the Waffen – SS distinguished themselves in the most demanding theatre of World War II. And the premier Waffen – SS formations, the SS – Leibstandarte – Adolf Hitler, Das Reich, Totenkopf and Wiking Divisions, showed themselves to be masters of mechanised warfare and the all – arms battle.

SS: Hell on the Eastern Front is a detailed account, enhanced by more than 100 exciting black and white photographs, of every aspect of the Waffen – SS’s war on the Eastern Front: its battles, its organisation, tactics and equipment.

Read what it was like to take part in Operation “Barbarossa” , THE OPENING ASSAULT AGAINST Russia in the summer of 1941, when the Waffen – SS fought its way to the very gates of Moscow; the first dreadful winter in Russia, during which temperatures dropped to 40 degrees below zero; the clash of massed Armour at Kursk; and other epic encounters of the war in the East.

However, this book is more than an account of the battles and campaigns of the Waffen – SS in the East: it also examines the recruitment and organisation of those foreign legions of the SS that fought on the Eastern Front.

Also covered in full is every aspect of the Waffen – SS’s war – away from the battlefield – against Soviet partisans. In addition, the book examines the military consequences of Waffen – SS soldiers being ideologically indoctrinated, their concept of hardness and disregard for life, which often resulted in atrocities and murder of civilians and prisoners. Above all, SS: Hell OAN The Eastern Front provides an insight into how Waffen – SS individuals and units met and often mastered their Red Army adversaries, first during the offensive campaigns of 1941 – 43, but most strikingly during the great defensive actions of the last two years of the war. With detailed appendices covering the order of battle of the Waffen – SS in the East, plus rank and award tables, SS: Hell On The Eastern Front is the most detailed study of the Waffen – SS’s war in Russia yet published.

Your Life Rules!


Your Life Rules! is an interactive workbook designed to help stimulate young adults into a new way of thinking about things. It is not about how things are, but about how the reader can reach their own conclusions about how things need to be for them to operate at their own best. It is not about what you can get in life, but about what you can become. It is not about having more, it is about how you feel about what you already have and how you can create more of the things that make you feel fulfilled, satisfied and at peace with yourself. Through a series of practical tips, tools, interactive exercises and real life stories, Your Life Rules! takes the reader on a journey of self discovery and exploration leading them to a place where they feel more in control of their future and confident in their ability to create and live a life that is of their own design.