Hard Edge: Part 1: Forging the Steel

Hard Edge: Part 1: Forging the Steel

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Author: Conrad Lockston
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Conrad Lockston is the real deal. Having survived a shocking childhood, he took the express elevator into Britain’s criminal underworld, living in the shadows of society as bouncer, enforcer, gang-boss bodyguard, security firm chief, debt-collection muscle, and gangland attack dog. But Lockston’s story is far more extraordinary than that of a violent ex-criminal. He became a fifth-dan medal-winning karate blackbelt, bodyguard for A-list celebrities, film fight coordinator, stuntman, businessman. But wherever he’s been, he’s always had to fall back on his fists – what he doesn’t know about real street combat isn’t worth knowing.

Hard Edge Part 1: Forging the Steel is the first volume of Lockston’s searing and still-evolving story, taking us from his childhood to his early 30s. The journey is witty, gritty and shocking, punctuated by extreme violence and sudden tragedy, but also by outlandish humour, involving owls, ladders, a bishop’s garden party, dodgy binmen, empty TV sets, and even Prime Ministers. From high-society scrapes to horrifying underworld battles, Hard Edge is a rollercoaster insight into one man’s ride through the urban heart of darkness.