Hypnosis in the Management of Stress and Anxiety

Hypnosis in the Management of Stress and Anxiety

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Author: Shahid Karim
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Do you find that you easily become anxious and stressed?

Do you find that you are being controlled by these symptoms?

Why is it that some of us are better at coping with these symptoms than others?

This book sets out in a concise, clear and logical sequence various hypnotic techniques for you to practise, to help you regain control of the various symptoms of stress and anxiety; facilitating a lasting therapeutic change within yourself.

You do not have to be suffering from these symptoms to benefit from the wisdom contained in this book. Read and practise the techniques described, and experience and observe the progressive change it makes to your life.

It is hoped that, although it was not my prime objective, many therapists will find the practical exercises provided in this book an easy and useful guide to recommend to their clients.