Jupiter IV

Jupiter IV by Doug Turnbull

Formatted for eBook

Author: Doug Turnbull
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Second of the Alien Artifact books, this novel is set in the 2070’s, on the same past and future time track as The Man Who Conquered Mars and Titus Andronicus Scott. This story transports the reader billions of miles across the Solar System, from Earth, to Mars, to Callisto and to Luna. With Augie Rodriguez, Boy Scout, Mars Colonist, mutineer, inventor, reluctant diplomat, chess player and math genius as your guide, you will learn more about the purpose of an alien structure discovered on Mars 25 years earlier. You will be present at the invention of a new propulsion system for spacecraft and witness a revolution as the extraterrestrial colonies break free of their Earth-side masters. While on a diplomatic mission, Augie is kidnapped by desperate men who wish to abort that mission. How their plot is unraveled is both exciting and thought provoking. Interwoven with interplanetary intrigue is the story of a young man whose strength of character is tested when he finds himself confronted with problems that would challenge the most world-wise. This book is hard science fiction and as such utilizes the most current information regarding planetary science, rocketry and the solar system. Enjoy the action, intrigue, romance and science that fill this exciting story.