KNOW YOUR BODY The Essential Guide to Human Anatomy and Physiology

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Author: Mary Dalgleish
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'KNOW YOUR BODY  - The Essential Guide to Human Anatomy and Physiology' is fundamental reading for anyone interested in the human body and how it works.

Whether you're a student, an aspiring medical, healthcare or fitness professional, or just someone who's curious about the human body and how it works, this book offers you an accessible way to understand the basics of human anatomy and physiology. Written in a clear, user-friendly style, it provides all the information necessary to meet and exceed the anatomy and physiology curriculum requirements of international awarding bodies. The content addresses all the topics (and more!) listed on the anatomy and physiology syllabi of major UK exam boards. Complete with over 100 detailed anatomical illustrations, this essential guide provides:

  • Clear descriptions of anatomical terminology
  • An understanding of the structure and function of all body systems
  • An understanding of the interrelationships between body systems
  • Up to date information about key pathologies affecting the body
  • The lowdown on topics such as genetics, telomeres, novel viral infections, metabolic syndrome, psychoneuroimmunology, fascia and more
  • Commonsense tips for maintaining a healthy body
  • An insight into how and why the body ages
  • References and resources for further study

For students, the accompanying 'KNOW YOUR BODY - Workbook' is an excellent revision aid for use in the classroom or for home study.

The author, Mary Dalgleish, has over 20 years experience of teaching anatomy and physiology to complementary therapy students. 'KNOW YOUR BODY The Essential Guide to Human Anatomy and Physiology' was submitted to the Page Turner Awards 2020 and the author was among the writing award finalists!