London to Australia by Clipper 1886 – 87

Formatted for paperback

Author: John Ferguson (Author), Brian Jennings (Editor)
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This 130 year old Victorian diary, recently discovered in my attic, provides a fascinating daily insight into life on board a passenger carrying wooden clipper during an arduous 90 day sea journey from London to Sydney in 1886-87.

The author, John Ferguson, who was emigrating for health reasons gives a daily account of events and conditions endured during this three month journey.

The book includes details of encounters with fellow passengers, passing ships, and various sea and bird life observed during the voyage. As there no port of call the ship carried various live animals as a food source. Crossing the equatorial line was marked by an elaborate “Old Father Neptune” ceremony. Towards the end of the journey one passenger became manic and attacked the captain.

The book records the ensuing events!