Loose Cannon

Loose Cannon

Formatted for eBook and paperback 

Author: Tony Robinson OBE
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An angry man with nothing to lose is a deadly combination. His oldest friends are afraid of what he may do to political and corporate leaders. Just what is the eccentric Chris Hastings plotting from his base in Malta? Will it disrupt the 2012 Olympics? Will his friends become suspects and their guilty secrets exposed?

In 1984, with the miners’ strike at its height, eight friends formed ‘The Lord Chamberlain’s Men’. The group pledged to take ‘below the radar’ action against hypocrisy – hypocrisy they’d seen in government, in large corporations and in the mainstream media. The leader and prime activist in the group is Chris Hastings who is dying of cancer. From the autumn of 2011 through to the summer of 2012 he embarks on leaving a legacy of disruption to the world order.

This tense, psychological thriller explores the murky borderlines between activism and desperation and between fact and propaganda. There is plenty of humour too as the men and women closest to Chris Hastings spar with each other to determine how much each knows about his intent. The explosive ending justifies all the concerns the Lord Chamberlain’s Men had about their leader and loose cannon.

Tony Robinson OBE is best known for the fictional satire ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’.