Moments of Extraordinary Courage

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Author: Katherine Turner
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All of life is comprised of moments that fill us with happiness or sadness, fear or confidence, pain or joy. These moments collectively form the foundation—the stories—that shape our lives.

At the heart of our life’s stories, we all have moments in which there is a silencing of who we are or what we believe, or perhaps what transpired in our past. We may do this as a result of societal pressure to conform or in an effort to hide some aspect of ourselves. Perhaps we remain silent because we are succumbing to our own fears about what might happen if speak our truth. No matter the reason, this silencing is a betrayal of ourselves, of our truth and authenticity. What might happen if, instead, we made a decision to become vulnerable and bring ourselves out of the silence?

This collection of stories explores the life of Katherine Turner, a woman overcoming a lifetime of abuse and insecurity, as she journeys to face the vulnerability and uncertainty of breaking her silence in otherwise ordinary moments of extraordinary courage.