Theresa Smith at the Court of Heaven


Theresa Smith lives in Leonard Cohen Court, an upmarket block of retirement flats with an array of upmarket residents. Badly dressed and reluctant to socialize, she craves puzzles, books, daytime TV and chocolate biscuits. She also craves the company of her neighbour, the self-effacing Roger Cusp, but so does nearly everyone else.

Theresa’s not at home today, however. She’s just woken up to find herself stranded on the outskirts of Basingstoke in a so-called Life Enhancement Clinic.

What is this place, and what is Life Enhancement exactly? A few days ago she thought she wanted it, or rather that she ought to want it, and everyone around her seemed to think it was a brilliant idea.

But thank heavens her granddaughter Poppy’s here by her bed – someone to talk to at least. And any moment now her daughter Abigail will arrive to take her home – won’t she?

Loose Cannon

Loose Cannon


An angry man with nothing to lose is a deadly combination. His oldest friends are afraid of what he may do to political and corporate leaders. Just what is the eccentric Chris Hastings plotting from his base in Malta? Will it disrupt the 2012 Olympics? Will his friends become suspects and their guilty secrets exposed?

In 1984, with the miners’ strike at its height, eight friends formed ‘The Lord Chamberlain’s Men’. The group pledged to take ‘below the radar’ action against hypocrisy – hypocrisy they’d seen in government, in large corporations and in the mainstream media. The leader and prime activist in the group is Chris Hastings who is dying of cancer. From the autumn of 2011 through to the summer of 2012 he embarks on leaving a legacy of disruption to the world order.

This tense, psychological thriller explores the murky borderlines between activism and desperation and between fact and propaganda. There is plenty of humour too as the men and women closest to Chris Hastings spar with each other to determine how much each knows about his intent. The explosive ending justifies all the concerns the Lord Chamberlain’s Men had about their leader and loose cannon.

Tony Robinson OBE is best known for the fictional satire ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’.



The Glencoe Mountain range in Scotland can be a cruel place when winter hits hard.

What should have been a relaxing trip for the four friends turns into a nightmare as the worst snow in years starts to fall. Very soon they are stranded in a whiteout, but that is the least of their problems.

The realisation that they are being hunted down and their very survival is at stake starts to hit home as the blizzard reaches its full force.

The Path



Neurotic Ralph and easy-going Harvey are trying to escape from their past in the desolate mountains of Scotland. Not only are they alcoholics but one of them holds a terrible secret he is desperate to leave behind. But something is following them, and it is seeking revenge. Their journey will turn into a living nightmare and survival for one of them may mean the end for the other.

You cannot run forever. At some point, the only way to have a future is to turn and face the past.

Emotional, entertaining and creepy. (Review)

8 May 2018

Format: Kindle Edition
From the start, you will be hooked on this story about two troubled men's journey and the friendship that develops between them.The intricate detail of the writing makes it feel like you are joining Ralph and Harvey as they walk through strange villages, the picturesque hills of Scotland and encounter some questionable individuals throughout, all the while making you unsettled about what will happen next. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this story and every twist and turn had me gripped until the very end. It will have you feeling every emotion from sadness, to joy, to fear and back again. Highly recommended.

KNOW YOUR BODY The Essential Guide to Human Anatomy and Physiology


'KNOW YOUR BODY  - The Essential Guide to Human Anatomy and Physiology' is fundamental reading for anyone interested in the human body and how it works.

Whether you're a student, an aspiring medical, healthcare or fitness professional, or just someone who's curious about the human body and how it works, this book offers you an accessible way to understand the basics of human anatomy and physiology. Written in a clear, user-friendly style, it provides all the information necessary to meet and exceed the anatomy and physiology curriculum requirements of international awarding bodies. The content addresses all the topics (and more!) listed on the anatomy and physiology syllabi of major UK exam boards. Complete with over 100 detailed anatomical illustrations, this essential guide provides:

  • Clear descriptions of anatomical terminology
  • An understanding of the structure and function of all body systems
  • An understanding of the interrelationships between body systems
  • Up to date information about key pathologies affecting the body
  • The lowdown on topics such as genetics, telomeres, novel viral infections, metabolic syndrome, psychoneuroimmunology, fascia and more
  • Commonsense tips for maintaining a healthy body
  • An insight into how and why the body ages
  • References and resources for further study

For students, the accompanying 'KNOW YOUR BODY - Workbook' is an excellent revision aid for use in the classroom or for home study.

The author, Mary Dalgleish, has over 20 years experience of teaching anatomy and physiology to complementary therapy students. 'KNOW YOUR BODY The Essential Guide to Human Anatomy and Physiology' was submitted to the Page Turner Awards 2020 and the author was among the writing award finalists!

The Code: A Cold War thriller (The Angus McKinnon Thrillers)


A spy swap in the Syrian desert, a pirate attack in the Sulu Sea, a devastating confrontation in the Balkans …

Beirut 1963: Kim Philby defects to Moscow.  As he boards his Soviet escape ship, unnoticed, a young ship’s officer passes him on the quayside. Valdis Ozols is disenchanted, idealistic and susceptible.  And two men are waiting for him.  Drawn into the shadowy world of espionage and a lifetime of deception and danger, Valdis reaches his lowest ebb in the harsh surroundings of a post-Soviet prison - until a ship’s bosun and fellow inmate, Angus McKinnon, becomes the Latvian’s trusted friend and confidante.  Together, the two men must break out and thwart a plan to annihilate a war-torn Balkan city. In doing so, an impossible choice must be made between the murder of tens of thousands of innocent citizens and the horrific killing of a young woman. 

The Code spans the Cold War and beyond, from the Cuban missile crisis to the dawn of the Millennium. And it introduces us to marine investigator, Angus McKinnon and how he becomes entangled in the life-and-death world of espionage before confronting further hazardous assignments in Sea of Gold, Dark Ocean and Black Reef.

The Wolf of Rimini (Alpine Warrior Book 2)


‘How will history judge you, Leon Muller?’

Fresh from their exploits in Switzerland, Leon and his comrades march south to Italy to fight for the Duchy of Milan against the Republic of Venice. Italy is the most cultured country in Europe, but its politicians, churchmen and generals are cunning and clever as well as learned. And they are expert puppet masters, as Leon and his comrades discover to their cost.

Leon, now a captain, becomes central to the success of the Swiss army but he is also unwittingly manipulated by powerful figures as Swiss fortunes wax and wane. In battle the Swiss are like wolves, but a far more devious and powerful wolf is their enemy and in the battle for northern Italy, tactical victories seem to turn into strategic defeats. And soon the Swiss are despised for their ruthless approach to warfare and face having to flee back to their homeland. Will Leon and his comrades survive their Italian adventure?

‘The Wolf of Rimini’ is the second volume in the ‘Alpine Warrior’ series – the story of Swiss soldier Leon Muller in the wars of the 15th Century when Europe was torn apart by civil, dynastic and imperial conflicts.

Maps of 15th Century Italy and Lombardy are available to view and download on the maps page of my website.

Bridge of Love: Innocence Lost part 3 Paperback – 7 Mar. 2023

Bridge of Love: Innocence Lost part 3 Paperback – 7 Mar. 2023


The third and final volume of Else's journey to peace and security. Home in the family apartment in Dusseldorf the family have eventually heard news that their father is alive; taken captive by the Russians at the wars end. But survival in the ruins must continue. Food is almost impossible to come by. Rations from the British cut to the bone. Currency worthless. The family battle through. How will it end for the family, their missing father and Else.

Valentina Goldman’s Immaculate Confusion

Valentina Goldman's Immaculate Confusion by Marisol Munro


Since her arrival in the U.S. from Venezuela, Valentina Goldman isn’t exactly living the American Dream. She’s living the American Nightmare. Her late husband, Max, has left her a young widow, an angry ex-wife who’s keeping the secret of Max’s untimely departure, plus an American stepdaughter Valentina can’t figure out. And oh, after giving up her dream job in New York, Valentina is now unemployed in Arizona.

As her story unravels, Valentina’s double-edged wit exposes both the ridiculous soap-opera-ish aspects of contemporary Venezuela and the many confounding features of life in America. Quirky and eccentric ,Valentina Goldman’s Immaculate Confusion is an enchanting entrée into the world of the immigrant experience. Told in sidesplitting vignettes that hit the heart, Valentina’s is a moving story about what happens when a passionate South American woman moves to the U.S. and like so many of us, ends up with a life she never imagined.
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Colonial Scout

Colonial Scout by Doug Turnbull


Set in the early 2070’s, this story gives the reader a taste of what life might be like for young Mars colonists sixty years from now. Having been born and raised on Mars, things such as having to wear pressure suits to go outdoors, night-time temperatures over a hundred degrees below zero, travelling in a pressurized Mars rover, and living on a planet with two moons, are normal for these young people: that’s just what their life is. What we would view as extraordinary is their ordinary. 

During the course of dealing with a medical crisis, Augie utilizes some first aid equipment that doesn’t exist today, but most certainly will by the time of this story. An anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drug that can be taken orally, but only affects the injured area and a splint that can be applied like shrink wrap that turns ridged when a specific radiation is applied are two examples of such developments.

Be prepared to enjoy an adventure with some Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who are smart, capable, responsible and refreshingly free of pathology.