A Bad Nile

A Bad Nile


A Bad Nile is an account of the British campaigns in the Sudan of 1884-1885, with a particular focus on the Desert and River Columns of Sir Garnet Wolseley’s unsuccessful Nile Expedition to relieve General Gordon and Khartoum.

It describes the remarkable achievement of the River Column in transporting a fighting force up a low-water Nile, and analyses in detail the Battles of El Teb, Tamai, Abu Klea, Abu Kru, Kirbekan, Hasheen and Tofrek.

Leigh Maxwell is the author of “My God – Maiwand!” and “The Ashanti Ring”

Cold War Soldier


The British Army - Cold War Germany in the nineteen seventies.

Those on the Iron curtain front line waited in anticipation for what was, at the time, considered a highly likely attack by the Eastern Bloc.

Outnumbered ten to one with aging and in a great deal of cases outdated equipment, they trained, waited, and carried on life in married quarters and barrack blocks as normally as possible; kids went to school, wives swapped gossip at coffee mornings with friends, while single soldiers living in the block made a regular habit of getting blasted .

I joined a Royal Engineer Field Squadron from two years training as a boy soldier in November 1973. I was still six months off my eighteenth birthday when I arrived at the gates of Roberts Barracks Osnabruck.

The Squadron I was joining, 16 Field Squadron, was one of the oldest recorded Squadrons in the Corps; formed in 1825. In June the following year it would be carrying out another duty – a rotational tour of four months active service in Northern Ireland, a province of the UK under siege from the Provisional IRA.

This book is a true account based on my first seven months in the Squadron; from my arrival in November 1973 until our departure on Operation Banner in June 1974. It is not a gung-ho warrie story, it is a factual account of my life during those seven months and the lives of my friends. How the regiment worked and also how we trained and spent our ‘off-time’ as live-in soldiers waiting for condition ‘Black’.

Parthian Dawn (Parthian Chronicles Book 2)


‘Parthian Dawn’ is the second volume of the adventures of Pacorus the Parthian and his companions – the fierce and proud Gallia, the ex-Roman centurion Domitus, the scout Byrd and the sorceress Dobbai – as they battle for their lives against the backdrop of the clash between the ancient world's two greatest empires.

After three years fighting by the side of Spartacus, Pacorus and his followers have escaped from Italy in the aftermath of the defeat of the slave rebellion. Made a king by the ruler of the Parthian Empire on his return, he has married his beloved Gallia and made the city of Dura Europos on the banks of the Euphrates his home. But his new kingdom is seething with discontent and surrounded by hostile desert nomads who are the sworn enemies of the Parthians. The aged King of Kings, the man who has united the Parthians for decades, then dies to cast a shadow of uncertainty over the empire, which erupts into full-scale civil war as one of the empire’s most powerful men, Narses, attempts to seize the high crown by force.

Pacorus is forced to fight both Narses and his scheming ally, Prince Mithridates, to preserve the realm and his own crown. And then the Romans, taking advantage of Parthia’s internal troubles, launch their own invasion of the empire. Will Pacorus and indeed the Parthian Empire survive the conflict that engulfs them on all sides?

A map of the Parthian Empire at the time of Pacorus (the 1st Century BC) can be found on the maps page of my website: www.peterdarman.com.

Boxing Clever: The True Story Of The Boy From Exeter Who Became a Policeman, a Convict, a Cage Fighter And Then A Chessboxer


"This is the story of a fall from grace – from a successful career as a police officer and a judo champion to incarceration in Dorchester prison. It’s a story about how my skill and talent at fighting became my downfall and how it then put me back on the path to happiness. It’s the improbable, sometimes comical pairing of full-contact boxing and chess, where victory comes as a result of a knock out or check mate. This is my story as a chess prodigy and elite fighter, and how through a combination of the two I overcame my demons."

Lluis The Llama


This is a story about a llama, who escapes from a wildlife park, and a girl who tries to find him.  It’s a lot more complicated than that, of course; furniture vans, the Police, Scotland, golf courses, sheep, underground rivers and bouncy castles are also involved, but that wouldn’t all fit on here.  So, you’ll have to read it, to find out what it’s all about. Good luck!

The Woman in the Tree


In the small town of Innswood, Helen Merry is grieving the sudden death of her husband and son. She encounters the enigmatic illusionist, who uses his magical powers to hold her captive for seven days. What follows is an astonishing chain of events of mythical proportions. 'The Woman in the Tree' is an irresistible modern-day fairytale of human life and possibility.

Life, Death & Whisky: The Undertakers Stash Paperback – 30 Oct. 2022

Life, Death & Whisky


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. . . This book is a fictional detailed account of the author starting a new career at the same time as discovering the beauty of scotch single malt whiskies just before scotch whisky started to become fashionable again, and appreciated by a new generation of aficionados.
The new career would be the ultimate dead-end job, - An undertaker.
Ralfy relates the stories of funeral situations and malt-moments over twenty years, beginning in 1988, when he started as a trainee funeral director, to 2010 when he left his job to start a new life and career as a whisky onliner,
away from his beloved City of Glasgow.

Soul Journey: The Greatest Secrets to Living the Life You Want.

Soul Journey by Lisa Cherry


Soul Journey is a tapestry of poignant and enlightened moments drawing together a unique collection of real-life stories featuring extraordinary everyday women. The Author weaves in her own personal insight gained through being in care, homeless and a recovering alcoholic, and through her work as a Social Worker, an Educator and Holistic Therapist - every shared experience is rooted in naked truth.

From gaining insight into other women’s wisdom, explore how to find your own inner strength to conquer life’s battles.

Unlike other self-help books, the different journeys combine to show how connecting with your own healing can have an astonishing impact on how you bond with the world beyond.


Tribute by Doug Turnbull


Join several Mars colonists as they pursue an unnamed prey across Mars equatorial region. Set only a couple of decades in the future, you will enjoy the suspense as you discover the object of their pursuit and you will be surprised when you learn the real purpose of that pursuit. 

The Colours Inbetween

The Colours Inbetween


A collection of blog posts about building a small business, social media, networking, pink wine, stockings, music, fun and the eighties.

A year’s worth of true tales of the people around me and some of the bizarre situations I find myself in. My stories are woven around a virtual record charting the growth of my small business over the year as it develops via social media and networking events.