Photo Diet: How To Diet Using Your Smartphone

Photo Diet: How To Diet Using Your Smartphone

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Author: Anthony Chapman
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Photo Diet is an incredible new approach to dieting for you and your smartphone.

Photo Diet is not an ordinary “one-size-fits-all” diet. It’s tailor made for you. You follow a simple plan that shows you how to get the results you want. You take photos of every meal so you can track your diet. It’s easy and convenient. And it can help you get in the best shape of your life.

Keeping a photo diary works for three reasons. It helps you identify foods that work best for you. It helps you discover your ideal portion size. And it helps you monitor the variety and quality of the foods you eat. This book shows you exactly how to do it.

You’ll find Photo Diet is less time-consuming than a weekly slimming club. You’ll eat more healthily than with “fad diets”. And Photo Diet is far easier than counting calories and adding up numbers. It fits your life and the smartphone in your pocket.

10 years of diet research went into creating Photo Diet. The 28-day plan inside this book adapts to your needs, whatever food type you are. A serial dieter, a fitness fanatic, a TV addict, a sports lover or someone who just wants to lose weight.

This groundbreaking new book is for anyone who wants to achieve their weight loss or fitness goal. The plan is presented in a way that is easy to understand and follow. One quick photo at mealtimes is all it takes.

Reading this book has many more benefits too. Here are just a few:

  • Achieve incredible weight loss results using your smartphone
  • Improve your diet just by taking a photo of each meal
  • Get in shape for a big event, such as your wedding, holiday or birthday
  • Discover the foods that are kindest to your body
  • Reach your goal faster with expert nutritional tips
  • Learn how to combine the 3 food groups in every meal – and why it’s so important
  • Identify the foods that are to blame for your body’s weight, shape and lack of energy
  • Put delicious variety in your diet, with easy-to-prepare meal and snack recipes
  • Keep your plan on track with helpful checklists (special checklists for gym-goers included)
  • Get the knowledge and strength to make healthier food decisions
  • Keep your energy levels up – without using sugar-filled “energy drinks”
  • Beat after-meal problems like bloated stomach, gas, tiredness and hunger
  • And much, much more

P.S. If you don’t have a smartphone, using a digital camera or a tablet computer with a camera to take the photos would work just as well.

About the Author
The advent of the camera smartphone inspired personal trainer Anthony Chapman to offer his clients a new way to achieve their goals. Anthony’s 10 years of experience has given him unique insight into why people struggle to change their body shape: the weak link is always diet. After conducting in-depth research, Anthony developed the revolutionary Photo Diet plan. With Photo Diet, dieters keep a food photo diary which helps them modify their eating and reach their targets.

Anthony’s passion is helping all kinds of people achieve fitness and weight loss goals in a healthier, more effective way. He also owns a personal training gym in the UK, which featured in a TV documentary on bodybuilding champion Jodie Marsh.