Positive Thinking for Kids

Positive Thinking for Kids

Formatted for eBook

Author: Anne Marshall
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We all want our children to grow up with a positive mental attitude and a healthy self-esteem, yet children are not always given the opportunity to actively learn how to acquire these skills. Knowing how to release negative thinking patterns and make use of mind skills such as visualization techniques, affirmations, intuitive intelligence and positive self-talk are all skills that can be easily learnt but they do need to be taught.

This e-book is full of simple explanations, exercises and self-help techniques for positive thinking that you can use along with your children to make a real difference to their self-esteem and inner well-being.

The way you talk to your children quickly becomes their own ‘inner voice’. By learning to think positively yourself and then sharing these skills with your children in simple everyday ways you will be helping them discover the amazing power of their mind and teaching them a valuable skill for life.