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Author: David M. Wynn
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When family history turns into life or death….

In 1940, a British tanker was sunk in the Indian Ocean and the crew taken aboard a German surface raider. In the close confines of the ship, a secret mission, undertaken on the instructions of Heinrich Himmler, is revealed.

When Tom McLean discovers the journal recording his Grandfather’s time as a merchant seaman, he embarks on a mission to follow the trail left for him, and to find the location of the secret that was so important to the Nazi leader.

As Tom searches for information online, it soon becomes evident that he is not the only one interested in the movements of the ship on which his Grandfather was transported to North Africa as a prisoner of war.

What begins as a harmless interest in his Grandfather’s memoirs becomes a dangerous and frightening chase, with Tom having to decide who he can trust and who is out to double-cross and kill him in order to preserve a secret.

The action takes Tom from his home in Cheshire to the Greek Islands and eventually to the Egyptian desert where, at last, an old wrong is finally put right.