Rory’s Eagle

Formatted for eBook and paperback

Author: Gerard Henry
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The white tailed sea eagle is one of the most impressive birds ever to grace the British Isles. In the 19th century it was hunted to extinction and disappeared from our shores. Now, for the first time in 200 years, these magnificent creatures are breeding on the east coast of Scotland. But their foothold is precarious and their future is far from certain.

As the young warden of Glencrevie Estate, Rory Baird is fiercely protective of his woods and the wildlife that lives there. Woken one night by the hoot of an owl, he looks out to see a light flickering in a derelict building. Summoning all his courage, he goes to investigate, only to plunge into an unimaginable nightmare.

Cornered by a vicious dog and seized by a rich and wildly unbalanced man, Rory finds himself locked up in the highest room of a remote castle. His crime is knowing too much. His captor cannot keep him, but he cannot let him go. Death is a penalty no boy should have to face.

Rory’s Eagle is an exciting adventure for children and young teenagers. It’s the story of one boy’s passion for nature and the length he will go to protect it. It draws on the beauty of our wildlife and shows how passion for some can become obsession for others.