Scarab Dawn: A Tom McLean Mystery

Formatted for eBook and Paperback.

Author: David Wynn
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Can a man become God? One man believes that he can become immortal by resurrecting an ancient Egyptian ritual. And he will stop at nothing to achieve it!

When Tom McLean is asked by an old friend to look for an ancient Egyptian artefact in his local museum, he suddenly finds himself suspected of murder.

Determined to prove his innocence, he sets out to try to establish the connection between his friend and why similar relics seem to be disappearing from collections all over England.

Assisted by a detective, who finds herself also under investigation, Tom follows the trail which leads him to a prominent public speaker, known for his outlandish conspiracy theories. When more killings occur, Tom confronts the man but, now alerted to their suspicions, he attempts to murder Tom and the detective before escaping abroad.

Tom is convinced he knows where the man is heading and sets off in pursuit, which takes him all the way to Egypt and in a race against time across the desert, to ensure that the destructive ancient ritual does not take place.

In the fourth Tom McLean thriller from one of today's most engaging writers, we follow Tom's journey as he is forced to question his friend's loyalty and deals with an unfolding crisis at home.

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