Advent Term (Or – Snowmen don’t wear thermals)


This is the second hilarious book in the "St Onans Chronicles" series...

Nicky is now Thirteen:
Older, slightly taller, but still baffled on a daily basis by the bizarre institution that is -
The Headmaster is on a mission - save money. The Staff are on their own mission to get a grip on reality.
The Groundskeeper wants to get a grip on the Head's throat...
Christmas is coming - but just who is coming to town??
You'd better watch out!
Where do you find a head for a headless horse? Can anyone tell us where all of the gold has gone? Will Eco-Warrior Nicky and his friends save the planet? What kind of Christmas card should you send to people that you don't like?
The "Ghost Walks" prove to be popular - especially with the ghosts themselves.
The Physics Department have opened a door, but that door can open both ways...
The Festive Season is well and truly upon us - with guests like the BBC and CID dropping in for a glass of sherry and a mince pie. As the Groundling Choir sings Carols, find out what is lurking under the tree...

ADVENT TERM is crammed full of mystery, suspense, hilarity, and tons of tinsel with the usual characters behaving weirdly as you might expect.
Put on your paper hat, pull those crackers, then sit back and enjoy the sleigh-ride of fun...

Summer Term – The Darling Buds of Mayhem

Summer Term


Grab that bucket and spade Kids! It’s a glorious Summer at St Onans. Maybe...

Tune in to Academy TV, then meet some un-Roman Romans and Hereward the (almost) awake.

Try a Time-Travelling holiday through “The Vortex” (luggage extra...)

Nicky suffers more teenage angst – and the Rev suffers a severe attack of Stan...

A fellow student performs miracles, and a riot is in progress at a local hotel.

M19 Agents have a secret weapon – Mrs Stokes, and an evil Criminal is unmasked.

The Groundlings arise (nearly), as ex-Head Goodwill turns the screw.

With the annual cricket match being invaded by Genghis Khan and his lads, drunken dressage being performed at a local horse show, possibly the world’s slowest police chase, a roof-top protest to resolve, and an alien life-form to sober up; it’s looking like just another term for the inhabitants of St Onans Academy.

Take another ride on the riotous rollercoaster of weird and wonderful goings-on...

All this – and some serious Rock and Roll! Don’t drop your ice-cream...Summer Term- The Darling buds of Mayhem