The White Dragon (Catalan Chronicles Book 2)


Cry ‘havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war.  After its great victories in Anatolia, the mercenary Catalan Company has been grossly betrayed by its paymasters. Now cornered on the Gallipoli Peninsula, the Byzantine emperor is determined to wipe it out for good.

But the Catalan dogs of war have other ideas, none more so than Luca Baldi, now a hero among his comrades and a young man who thirsts for battle and glory. The Byzantines have assembled a great army to crush the Catalan mercenaries and afterwards wage a crusade against the Muslim Turks in Anatolia.  The stage is set for a battle that will decide the fate of Luca Baldi, the Catalan Company and the Byzantine Empire, which will echo down the ages.

‘The White Dragon’ is the second volume in the Catalan Chronicles, a Medieval saga set in the early 14th century. Maps of the Byzantine Empire and western Anatolia at this time can be found on the maps page of my website.