Willow Wishes (The Life Imperfect Series Book 2)


As Annie’s time in her hometown reaches an end, fractures appear in her whirlwind romance with Rob. Though he surprised her on Christmas morning with a house worthy of her dreams, his expectations for Annie to remain in Stockwood and make a home with him are heavy. Annie realizes she isn’t ready to give up the security of the career, house, and life she’s built for herself in the city in exchange for an uncertain future with Rob. When he confronts her about her wavering commitment on the last day of her sabbatical, they fail to find a compromise.

Back in the city, Annie struggles to set boundaries with her demanding and oversolicitous boss and to find the comfort her insular way of life once provided her. The only sliver of joy in her busy, lonely routine comes after she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Lucas, and they fall back into an easy friendship. As they grow closer, Annie wrestles with guilt over the realization that they both still care about each other. Rob—unaware of Lucas’ presence in her life—suddenly reappears, determined to repair his relationship with Annie. All the feelings Annie had attempted to forget suddenly surface, leaving her conflicted and forced to make an impossible decision.

Will Annie allow herself to take a leap of faith—one that demands the loss of familiarity and predictability—or will she retreat once again into the comfort of her well-established cycle of self-sabotage?

Moving and inspirational, Annie’s struggle to believe in a future filled with promise reveals the fault lines that follow us in the wake of trauma as well as the courage it takes to choose a different path.