Signs of a Dangerous Past

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Author: Tamsin Coates
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‘Signs of a Dangerous Past’ is a romantic suspense novel which tells the fast paced story of love, murder and art fraud in modern day Savannah. Detective Ryan Morgan visits Jenna Maguire’s home, to investigate her brother’s recent murder but he doesn’t expect to find her being held hostage by armed gunmen. Someone in Savannah has a secret and they are prepared to kill to keep it. Thrown into protecting Jenna and her son Tommy, Morgan and his partner Swenson have to track down those who are a threat to them before they can try to hurt the woman and her child again. Jenna, whilst vulnerable, appears to be hiding something from the Detectives. Could she know more about her brother’s death than she is telling them? As Morgan and Jenna feel the growing attraction between them and the number of dead bodies grows, further danger appears in the shadows in the form of a threat from Jenna’s past. In a race against time Morgan needs to work fast to shield the woman he is growing to love from the danger which is all around them.