Soul Boundary

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Author: Katarina Stenstedt
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Can a soul be transferred? Should it?
The Ark Project is the well-funded startup that techies dream of joining. Seeing dollar signs behind biophysicist Tensel Brown’s idea, Ark woos him with flashy technology, the promise of human testing, and even an expensive transgenic cat. But Ark’s investment in their star scientist is nothing compared to what they stand to gain if his soul-transfer technology succeeds.

Not far from Ark headquarters, Rachel Deimos supports her family as a human-voice worker, a job that exposes her to soul fabric every day. After illegally mining psychological and spiritual data about Rachel and others, Ark coerces them to join an interstellar expedition that will serve its own questionable purposes.

But no one grasps Ark’s plan in full, and soon Tensel, Rachel, and others must connect with one another in deep and subtle ways to break free of Ark’s intricate control over their lives.

Soul Boundary explores the hidden costs of technology, and how high a price humanity is willing to pay in an increasingly depersonalized world.

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Praise for Soul Boundary
“Hands down the best literary sci-fi novel I’ve read in years. Fans of Bradbury and L’Engle won’t want to miss this.” — Lauren Sapala, author of The INFJ Writer: Cracking the Creative Genius of the World’s Rarest Type