Summer Term – The Darling Buds of Mayhem

Summer Term

Formatted for eBook and Paperback.

Author: Nicholas Barrett
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Grab that bucket and spade Kids! It’s a glorious Summer at St Onans. Maybe...

Tune in to Academy TV, then meet some un-Roman Romans and Hereward the (almost) awake.

Try a Time-Travelling holiday through “The Vortex” (luggage extra...)

Nicky suffers more teenage angst – and the Rev suffers a severe attack of Stan...

A fellow student performs miracles, and a riot is in progress at a local hotel.

M19 Agents have a secret weapon – Mrs Stokes, and an evil Criminal is unmasked.

The Groundlings arise (nearly), as ex-Head Goodwill turns the screw.

With the annual cricket match being invaded by Genghis Khan and his lads, drunken dressage being performed at a local horse show, possibly the world’s slowest police chase, a roof-top protest to resolve, and an alien life-form to sober up; it’s looking like just another term for the inhabitants of St Onans Academy.

Take another ride on the riotous rollercoaster of weird and wonderful goings-on...

All this – and some serious Rock and Roll! Don’t drop your ice-cream...Summer Term- The Darling buds of Mayhem

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