Ted Friend and the Magic Jumper Part Two

Formatted for eBook (and proofread)

Author: P R Cafferkey
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The second and final part of the first book sees Ted Friend and Dan go much deeper into the strange World in Between in their quest to get back the Magic Jumper and save his home, Snowflake Mountain, from the evil witch Blacky and her army of bad tempered Ex-Men. The journey is bound to be dangerous and difficult, and help will be needed for sure, but could it be the witch has her own race against time? All secrets will be revealed as the strands of our action packed story join. Please read part two of Ted Friend and the Magic Jumper for the ride of a lifetime.

What some people said about part one:

“I loved the book and I’m a grown up (albeit with a vivid imagination and a love of fantasy)! From start to finish it is a fun adventure and I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy it quite as much as I did. I review many different types of book and thank the author for making this one so enjoyable. A truly fun read” (Maria Fitzgerald, Teddy Bear Times , May 2014)

“I was enchanted by this story, a real roller coaster adventure and I can’t wait to read part two” (Falkirk Herald, August 2014)

“Huge fun… I can see it’s funky and tongue-in-cheek and I’m sure Ted Friend will find many admirers among its target readership” (Tim Bowler, Carnegie Medal winning children’s author of twenty books, via email September 2014)