Ted Friend & The Magic Jumper Part 1

Formatted for eBook

Author: P R Cafferkey
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A poor orphan, Dan Wilson, gets a surprise present one Christmas in the shape of a big yellow teddy bear, but little does he know that the real surprise is much bigger than he could ever have imagined. The teddy is a magic helper of Santa Claus and must return to his home in the strange World in Between and reclaim his stolen Magic Jumper or risk the evil witch, Blacky, and her unstoppable army of Ex-Men from taking over both the World in Between and Dan’s unsuspecting Common World. Protecting them on this adventure is Ted Friend’s super strong alter ego, Ted Foe, but can they get the jumper back and reach Santa before the bear’s magic energies fade and the witch is victorious? The race for survival is on as two very different worlds collide. The only certainty is that young Dan’s life will never be the same again.

Part one of a new two part fantasy, mostly for children aged 8 to 12.