The Bug Out Guy

Formatted for eBook

Author: Gavin Griffiths
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Clem has issues: Crappy job issues, ex girlfriend issues, life expectation issues, hangover issues and civilisation collapsing issues. Everything he thought was safe and secure is about to unravel in a most alarming fashion and he’s wholly unprepared for it.

This is a novella, a book written to be digested on a ferry trip or a short flight or one of those rainy Sunday mornings when you really can’t be bothered getting up.

ONE THING. I’ve set this book to free. I hope that it if you download it you’ll give me some feedback. Positive or negative. It doesn’t have to be a long critique. The journey to being a writer is one of continual adjustment and, hopefully, improvement. I have a lot more stories in the pipeline and really want to know what you think.