The Code: A Cold War thriller (The Angus McKinnon Thrillers)

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Author: Nick Elliott
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A spy swap in the Syrian desert, a pirate attack in the Sulu Sea, a devastating confrontation in the Balkans …

Beirut 1963: Kim Philby defects to Moscow.  As he boards his Soviet escape ship, unnoticed, a young ship’s officer passes him on the quayside. Valdis Ozols is disenchanted, idealistic and susceptible.  And two men are waiting for him.  Drawn into the shadowy world of espionage and a lifetime of deception and danger, Valdis reaches his lowest ebb in the harsh surroundings of a post-Soviet prison - until a ship’s bosun and fellow inmate, Angus McKinnon, becomes the Latvian’s trusted friend and confidante.  Together, the two men must break out and thwart a plan to annihilate a war-torn Balkan city. In doing so, an impossible choice must be made between the murder of tens of thousands of innocent citizens and the horrific killing of a young woman. 

The Code spans the Cold War and beyond, from the Cuban missile crisis to the dawn of the Millennium. And it introduces us to marine investigator, Angus McKinnon and how he becomes entangled in the life-and-death world of espionage before confronting further hazardous assignments in Sea of Gold, Dark Ocean and Black Reef.

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