The Final Prophecy

The Final Prophecy

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Author: Laura Hart
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The Final Prophecy is upon us. The demon of the Dream Realms has passed between dimensions and unleashes his spawn upon the Earth; devouring the world’s fossil fuel reserves. Plunged into a technological dark age, humankind faces the wrath of nature as earthquakes and tsunami follow massive land and seabed collapses.

The beast of the Realms takes command of his creator’s ancient Coven of Power; the anonymous rulers of Earth, whose sole purpose is to exterminate the old genus of human in preparation for Belial’s rebirth.

But the Ancient Ones have a new clanswoman; Alice Towers, whose supernatural powers span infinite dimensions. She and her seraph, Malacor, free billions of tortured human minds from the grip of the demon’s nightmare realms, gifting them the Ancient Knowledge denied by Belial’s treachery ten thousand years past. But, with Ancient Knowledge comes mind-blowing revelation about the origins of our species and its devastating consequences.

The last days of the old order are coming to a close and humankind’s struggle for freedom in the new age hinges on the outcome of the Final Prophecy . . .