The Secret Of The Kings

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Author: Keith Scott
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On the Earth-like planet of Terralia there is something puzzling about the planet’s history. It has the usual folklore – old symbols of the past, cave drawings, mysterious stone circles etc. but there are those who wonder about the credibility of these things.

During an encounter with a mysterious stranger, the secret truth of the past is revealed to King Thorn Axtor, and the King’s quest to further explore this secret leads him to follow a trail of clues, encounters with relics from the past, and subsequently to discover an additional astonishing truth.

At his side is his wife Queen Rosette, a modern woman who is not going to take a back seat, and as events progress we find out there is much more to the Queen than first thought – for she is the key to the future and she is also part of the past.

A story of adventure and mystery; where science and history cross paths; where old protocols are challenged by the emergence of women to breakdown inequalities; and in a final encounter, where hope and despair face each other.