The Teacher

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Author: Tom Smart
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A witty, poignant and somewhat uncompromising story in which aspects touching on the proscribed may well resonate with some readers – in fact just like the old lager commercial of the period, it could well reach the parts that others do not!

Set in England during the hyper-inflated property boom of the late eighties, a period which witnessed the onset of the computer revolution that was to change the face of business. Despite technological progress there were still many who viewed face to face negotiation along with a little straight talking and a handshake as still the way to do business.

The story revolves around a ruthless, if successful contractor who inevitably becomes the subject of policies calculated to reduce the bank’s exposure in the declining market. Under increasing pressure from the bank, which is far more interested in lessening it’s own risk than looking after it’s customers, he resolves to deal with the situation in his own inimitable way. Already feeling the strain, his problems rapidly escalate when confronted with stark reminders of a childhood that he would rather forget. Haunted by the past, he sees there would undoubtedly be a heavy moral price to pay for absolution since that would also entail coming to terms with a secret suppressed for far too long. Drastic action to eliminate the source would be the obvious and expedient solution, but could there be there another way?