The Threadcorn Legacy

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Author: Tony Baylis
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The story is set in middle England countryside in the ‘60’s and opens with a tramp almost run down by a dangerously driven sports car. The tramp, a former Army Officer now on hard times, vows to take revenge on the car. He finds the car at Threadcorn Hall, country seat of Sir Royston Threadcorn and his family, and manages to trash the car but gets apprehended.

The car belongs to Richard, youngest son of Sir Royston, who is being pursued for heavy gambling debts. He has a gross elder sister Leslie who runs a Woman’s Commune and an elder brother Alistair who works in the family business and is secretly embezzling Threadcorn money to fund a string of upper class brothels.

The only point of agreement between the three siblings is their joint hatred of their parents and their eagerness to get their hands on the Threadcorn millions by any means available.

Sir Royston knows this but has plans to thwart their efforts. A riding accident has left the old man in a wheelchair so he needs an assistant to help put his plans into action. He takes a shine to the tramp, in particular to his previous army experience, and invites him to stay at the Hall as his guest.

The scene is set and the story unfolds. The three siblings’ plans all go catastrophically awry and the story reaches its conclusion at the Annual Threadcorn Day, a popular country fair event attended by hundreds, held every year to celebrate another year of the family’s history only this year they are in for a major surprise . . . !