Theresa Smith at the Court of Heaven

Formatted for eBook and paperback

Author: Polly Walshe
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Theresa Smith lives in Leonard Cohen Court, an upmarket block of retirement flats with an array of upmarket residents. Badly dressed and reluctant to socialize, she craves puzzles, books, daytime TV and chocolate biscuits. She also craves the company of her neighbour, the self-effacing Roger Cusp, but so does nearly everyone else.

Theresa’s not at home today, however. She’s just woken up to find herself stranded on the outskirts of Basingstoke in a so-called Life Enhancement Clinic.

What is this place, and what is Life Enhancement exactly? A few days ago she thought she wanted it, or rather that she ought to want it, and everyone around her seemed to think it was a brilliant idea.

But thank heavens her granddaughter Poppy’s here by her bed – someone to talk to at least. And any moment now her daughter Abigail will arrive to take her home – won’t she?