Tumble: Another 1066 Adventure

Formatted for eBook and Paperback

Author: Thomas Croft
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Tumble combines a lively and accessible account of the Norman Invasion with a good story. There is adventure here, history and detail which will sharpen the interest of those already familiar with the Battle of Hastings and offer a useful introduction for readers new to the topic.

A chance encounter enables young Ash to escape from the wild woodland and to join a group of entertainers led by the mysterious Gryp.  Ash travels into a world of danger and adventure.  He meets Earl Harold Godwinson in Bosham and Duke William in Rouen. Serving one of the Duke’s knights at the Battle of Hastings, Ash gives the Norman view of the 1066 Conquest including the background to the conflict, the preparations for the invasion, the Great Battle itself and its difficult aftermath.

Central to Ash’s story is an account of the terrible malfosse incident during which, following Duke William’s victory, scores of Norman knights were slaughtered.Additional notes and a glossary make Tumble a particularly useful introductory text for young historians.  Tumble is a companion to The Fighting Man, A 1066 Adventure also by Thomas Croft.  Some of the characters and scenes deliberately echo each other but the stories and historical reach are very different.