Unleash Your Inner Goddess And Stop Worrying

Formatted for eBook

Author: Malminder Gill
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A short practical 6 step guide to releasing the emotional burden of worry.

Leading NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill shares her secret formula for curbing worry and stress quickly and effectively. In this guide book she provides readers with the tools and techniques she uses with her clients to help them let go of their worries.

Far from sharing just hints and tips wrapped in word padding, this guide book provides a practical powerful 6 step approach to tackling worry. Compact, quick and effective.

This book is:
1. Short (Takes about 20 minutes to ‘just’ read and a further 30-45 minutes to apply the steps)
2. Practical (Only 6 easy steps)
3. Effective (You are encouraged to measure your worry levels throughout the book)

This book will work best if you:
1. Are worried right now
2. Want to release the emotional pressure of worry
3. Ready to actively engage with each step

Unleash Your Inner Goddess is a new self-help book series. Get in touch via Twitter or Facebook and let Malminder know what topic you would like her to address in the next book.