Valeria Doucet: The Evil and the Erotic

Formatted for eBook and Paperback

Author: Dio Arle
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In times long past people knew the gods as well as they knew their neighbours; better even! And never more than in ancient Greece, whose history, religion, politics and culture knew them as no other people did for ten thousand years.

Loved them, feared them and prayed to them hopeful their prayers would be answered if they kept faith with them, did nothing to offend or displease them. Knew they watched over them. Walked amongst them, but always unknown to them, but also appeared as elves, sprites, nymphs, goblins, fairies and ghostly Shades. Were known to be capricious, meddlesome, vengeful and kind. Knew they took a great interest in their lives; as we have forgotten they do.  But what interest could the gods have in a twenty-six, years old Parisian French woman working in a provincial town in the north of England in 1962 and can they help her find peace from the sadness that eats at her heart for the love she long ago lost, Pascal and the pain and anguish she has suffered since he left her?

And all the more, now she finds herself caught up in the brutally sadistic murders of three women in the fiercely cold winter that has changed the world to snow and ice and her handsome, demanding lover deeply implicated. And her own life in mortal danger and already once saved by the school boy lover who came to her bed and with only her friends AA, Chief Inspector Tomon Hughes and Sergeant Brian Fasthead to protect her.

This is the story of evil and erotic desire, of Valeria Doucet and her belief in the feminine divine that brings her comfort and men who think women are a second class, inferior sex to use, abuse and discard as they see fit.