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Author: T.N. Goldsmith
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The Byzantine Empire has endured for almost two thousand years and now, as the twenty-first century draws to a close, it is one of the few civilised realms left on Earth. Having survived the plagues, wars, famines and other disasters that have consigned lesser powers to history, the heir to Rome stands ready to enter a new era of prosperity.

Yet the cost of survival is eternal vigilance. Mighty sea and air fleets patrol the frontiers while the imperial army advances ever deeper into the barbaric lands beyond. And in the neon-drenched cities of the Empire, the secret police hunt down all enemies of the state.

When pilot Aetos Mavros becomes the protégé of a sinister chief of the secret police, he finds himself plunged into a shadowy world of conspiracies and danger. His loyalty to the Empire tested to the absolute limit, he will soon come to learn the dark secret that paved its road to power.

Pulp adventure collides with noir melodrama as the truth unravels with devastating effect.