Vantastic France

Vantastic France by Steve Bichard

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Author: Steve Bichard
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What really happens in the heart of Brittany to everyday ex-pats?

We have all read the ‘air brushed’ versions of the idyllic lifestyle down in southern France and the ramblings of some authors with their cosy life in their rural retreats, and the plethora of escapism TV programs cleverly edited to make more exciting viewing!

But let us scratch beneath the surface as we follow the Taylor’s from their mundane lifestyle in the UK to France.

What will be the fallout when “white van man” and his family arrive in a tiny hamlet in a small Brittany village? Will they upset the French locals or will there be more sparks flying from other ex-pats!

A White Van Man is probably better known as a ‘Jack of all Trades’ in the US, a bit of a ‘Jack the Lad’. There is also a series on BBC 3 called White Van Man which is coming to the US. The main character in the book Barry, is very much a ‘White Van Man’

How much strain will it put on their relationship, will they cope in a foreign country with so many different laws and idiosyncrasies?

The Taylor’s in France will give you a real insight into the real rural, ex-pats lives, so sit back open a nice bottle of French wine and enjoy the ride.