Your Business Foundation

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Author: Christopher Briggs
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Growing a successful business is hard and most fail within 3 to 5 years. They fail because their leaders don’t know where they want their business to be and don’t know how to get there. They hope that their businesses will be successful and that, with luck, nothing will go wrong. Any business or organisation based on hope and luck is built on a weak foundation.

Leaders of successful businesses and organisations are certain of their destination and how to get there and they have the control needed to stay on course. Their business is built on a strong foundation based on certainty and control, not hope and luck.

Christopher Briggs shows why certainty and control are the vital elements for success, whether a corporation, SME, micro business, charity, or college. Next he reveals the 3 fundamental building blocks that make up the strong foundation that all successful businesses have and which is missing in those that struggle and fail.

Based on his own 25 years experience (including a failed business), years of research and discussions with business leaders, Briggs has helped hundreds of business owners establish this foundation.

Now, in this jargon-free, practical book, Briggs shows how to establish this vital foundation based on these fundamental building blocks. He shows:

  • Why systemising your business is a key first step and how to do it so that you work on your business and not run around reacting to it.
  • How to create a winning strategy that gives you the certainty of knowing exactly where you are now, where you want to be and the route to take to get there.
  • The leadership qualities you need to stay on course and in control and how to bring out the leaders in your people.
  • The practical steps to making this work so that you successfully build this foundation and achieve your aims.

Briggs firmly believes that most businesses that struggle and fail don’t need to and that, with a strong foundation, based on these building blocks, any business or organisation can achieve its full potential.