Zachary Dixon: Officer Apprentice

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Author: Doug Turnbull
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Finding himself surrounded by cadets he feels are more capable, Zack works hard and proves himself to his instructors and fellows. After six months training, Zack and his fellow cadet, Marnie, are assigned as officer apprentices on, Lodestar, the flagship of the fleet.

For the next year, Zack and Marnie learn their profession while traveling to a dozen star systems. During the course of his travels, Zack meets his grandfather and embarks on solving the mystery surrounding the disappearance of 20th century aviation tycoon, Titus Andronicus Scott.

This is hard science fiction, so the reader should be prepared to learn a bit about celestial navigation and other interesting subjects. Written in the form of a personal memoir and set in the early 22nd century on the same timeline as the other Alien Artifact books, this a standalone novel. One need not have read the other books to enjoy the story.

The story is scientifically accurate with likeable characters. If you like adventure, danger, and suspense, set in a plausible and bright future, this story by an award winning author is for you.