New Release Spotlight:
Red Bride’s Noose

by Alexandra Swistak Synopsis: Being a girl in a Sikh family can be a real killer. Camille Hayer should be preparing for a job interview—not ordered to pack her bags for a cousin’s wedding in rural Orissa. India is the last place on earth she would go to willingly; it’s where her sister disappeared thirteen […]

Author Profile: Matthew Weaver

Matthew Weaver is an author, artist, child of the moon, and scientist who lives with his wife and son in the Pacific Northwest.  Between his work as a formulations chemist and his duties as the managing member of Luna Risen LLC, he rarely has a chance to relax and enjoy the works of his favorite […]

Author Profile: James A. Bresco

A well traveled and freedom loving adventurous male. James, a confirmed bachelor, closer to sixty than ever before, is passionate about writing and sailing, loves cooking; and thrives on Asian food, James lives aboard his boat and has no plans of going ashore, just yet. Born in England and, shortly afterwards, shipped out to West […]