eBook Formatting – Creating a Linked Table of Contents Manually

eBook Formatting Tips Series – Video 1

When I started to think about having a channel on YouTube I wasn’t really sure what sort of videos I would create. After having had a steady stream of eBooks to format over the last couple of months and many people on my social media networks asking me for tips on eBook formatting it seemed the obvious choice.

So my first video in what I hope will be a series is all about creating a linked table of contents into your eBook manually, using Microsoft Word.  It’s had nearly 2000 views already since I uploaded it.  I have embeded the video below, but if you would prefer to click through to YouTube then you can find it here – eBook Formatting – Creating a Linked Table of Contents Manually or you can view it in the video library right here on my website, along with the second in the series

I would really appreciate your comments so I can improve on my video making skills! I would also love for you to comment below if you have an eBook formatting problem you would like me to cover. Please note I don’t use html in my formatting, I use Microsoft Word and format according to the Smashwords Premium Catalogue requirements.

For more eBook formatting tips, take a look at this blog post 5 Little-Known Tips to Improve your eBook Formatting.

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  1. Nicely done Jo. I do a lot of screen capture videos in my coaching/consulting. Great use of that tool and YouTube.

    • Thanks Matthew, I really need to do it more often, but coming up with problems that people need me to solve is difficult! 🙂

  2. Thanks. This was very helpful. You’ve taken the fear out of creating a Table of Contents.

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