Format your own eBook – Template Available Now!

*** Introductory Price Ending on 8th March 2013 ***

Today I have been working on my eBook Formatting Template, and I’m really pleased to announce it’s now live to purchase. It took a lot of work to get all the landing pages written and all the linking up to my mailing list, with more messages to write on there. I now have to go through all the same with my eCourse for authors over the next few weeks.

I hope what I am offering is something authors and writers will be happy to purchase, if the instructions and formatting tips are followed correctly you should have an eBook ready to upload to Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. I’ve also offered a few freebies and incentives with the purchase of the template.  You can check out the details here:


eBook Formatting Template


So now I just need to make people aware of the template, and if you can help me do that then that would be great, there are lots of sharing buttons at the bottom of this post.


  1. Jo,
    What a terrific and unique idea. You will save a lot of authors the stress of formatting their own manuscripts.

  2. i like this idea. I have 2 paperback books in pdf format. Can you take them and make usable for amazon using this template? Does the template have a converted from pdf to word 2007 or is there something that you use for it? If not, what does it cost for you to convert actual pdf books for me? One paperback is straight pdf of 400 pages and already up on kindle as part of someone else’s expert group book. The other book is pdf but already up on google books via me.

    • Hi June,

      The template is just a blank Microsoft Word document which you can paste (unformatted) text into and then use the styles I have created to format your eBook. If you can copy and paste from the PDF’s you have then this would work, but I know some PDF’s are protected and don’t allow copy/paste. The other issue with PDF’s is when you do copy and paste from them it tends to add a return at the end of each line, which takes some time to remove throughout the whole book. It is possible to use a piece of software to stop this, I would be happy to discuss this further with you if you’d like to drop me an email –

  3. I’m much too lazy for this. I prefer going to my favourite virtual assistant.

  4. what a great idea have just shared on my Facebook page

  5. Brilliant :))))

  6. Knowing you Jo, I’m sure it’s brill. But it could still be too much for my little old brain to cope with. I’m afraid I will keep coming to you, if you will still be formatting? You always do a great job. 🙂

    • Hehe, no problem Yvonne, I am still formatting – I just wanted to give people a way of saving money and doing it themselves! 🙂

  7. Hi Jo,
    A great idea and I will soon take an in depth look at it. But you’ve done such a great job on formatting my four ebooks thus far I tend to think I will stick with you.

    • Thanks Jonathan, I’m still here to format your books, the template I hope with just help people along if they want to do it themselves. 🙂

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